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  1. my account is fairly inactive, so not sure why or how...
  2. i havent uploaded anything or accessed my shutterstock account for a couple of years, but this just happened, but when i did upload yes it was using ftp. ive had no response as to how someone accessed my account and changed my payment details. its quite worrying, as ive now been signed up to thousands of newsletters on various websites. Any explanation from Shutterstock would be most welcome.
  3. Just to let everyone know, my shutterstock account has been hacked, the payment details were changed and my email was used to subscribe to hundreds of websites and newsletters. I have now rectified this by changing my password and my payment details but please be aware. Not happy to be receiving several emails a minute about fake subscriptions now...
  4. Mine looks like tax was added back onto the total rather than deducted. Which is a concept I quite like!
  5. Could you please check if the amount in the second email is correct as I don't think mine is
  6. Lol Phil it doesn't happen too often but it's fun when it does
  7. Milestone for me today, had 87 downloads in a day. My highest ever in a day
  8. I just passed my 33,333rd download! Given that I hadn't contributed for over 5 years that's not bad!
  9. 2 el's and one big single other download for me this month so they are still out there!
  10. I love the one that says your image was downloaded for the 100th time!
  11. We should meet up as I'm between manchester and Southend often
  12. Read every line this guy has written and then read it again. He helped me when I started out and although I've been out of stock for a few years the money kept coming in. This is valuable advice!
  13. I was aiming for 500 downloads a month for three consecutive months and managed it in October and November but only 493 in December! However I managed my $ target
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