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  1. Lets just I know first hand as I had hundreds of images removed from my port and I am not at liberty to give out the info as per SS.
  2. Nope that is a no no as they do not take them as editorial either.
  3. I wonder if Zyzyg has ever heard of Zwingzwing?☺
  4. And this is why you take all with you. If you can not handle the weight it is time to rethink things because when going somewhere to take pics always take everything with you because if not you will find yourself wishing you did.
  5. Because that is not the address. infringementclaims@shutterstock.com
  6. Yes SS bought REX a long while back Editorial if I remember right. Big write up on the SS blog about it.
  7. It is in the way you have written it. Try the way Leonard has it written and you could also add the country in there as well "Annapurna trek from Chame village to Pisang village in Budapest China" Just an idea?
  8. The text on the Buddhist Stupa has nothing to do with nor should it have anything to do with a reason for a foreign text rejection. This can be a commercial image and has no need to be editorial at all. What were the keywords and the title?
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