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  1. Fellow contributors, for those "waiting to see" what happens, this is only diluting our strength. The only way to get through to SS is for EVERYONE to, right now, disable their portfolios. This may give them a pause to re-think, depending on how many disable. To simply stop uploading or wait and see what happens is not going to change anything. I can't afford to stop receiving an income from SS, but I have no choice. If they get away with this without massive portfolio closures, there will be nothing stopping them. In the future they will know they can reduce commissions with impunity and in the worse case scenario other sites will follow their lead. Click on the button in your account to disable your photos and videos - better now when we have a slight chance than in a month/6 months when the damage is irreversible. I've disabled my portfolio after 10+ years, I hope you all do the same...
  2. 2500 footage clips to stay at the current rate of 30% is just unbelievable. On a very good month, I sell 20-30 clips - I will never get close to regaining 30% commission (2,500 in a year) - who in this forum would? (209 footage downloads per month?) This just reeks. As I said earlier, my port will be removed from SS.
  3. This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the current % you would need to sell OVER 2500 clips in a year !!! This is not just INSANE, but absolutely the last straw. My portfolio will be deleted as soon as I can. Thanks.
  4. Please can you inform all Contributors how this will affect our sales, especially:- 1) What is the revenue generated from the sale of a clip. 2) How many of our clips will be included in this subscription service (will our entire portfolios be included or just specific clips?) 3) Please indicate if there will be an opt out.
  5. Finally, the video sales are back on the map after 2+years !!!! THANK YOU SHUTTERSTOCK !!
  6. Milo J, you are completely right. As ALL 4K clips are available as downsized formats - HD/SD - clicking on HD will remove all 4K clips from the search result! (even though they are available in the chosen HD format). Jeff, in your "puppies beach" search example - see on the first row of results - on the far right there is a 4K clip of a puppy wrapped in a towel on a wooden sun lounger with a beach view. Now, if you select the HD button - this 4k clip no longer appears - even though the clip is available in a downsized HD format !! All you need to do is on the results - when a filter for HD/SD is used - include ALL 4k clips and simply rename the 4K text overlaid to "HD (4k DS)" or something like that. (DS short for downsized) Right now any use of that filter for anything other than 4K will result in ALL 4K clips not being available to the customer even though they are sold at every lower resolution.
  7. Can Jeffde let us know if this Map update will bring back the Map for Footage clips? It would be great to be able to see where the clips are purchased as I have to pay 30% withholdings on every clip sold in the USA, which I don't find out until the following month.
  8. Yes, at the end of the month we receive the calculation of witholdings, so yes, then we know the final value that will be paid out. Your graphic showing the Non US Source above is only available at the end of the month (4 or 5 days after the end of the month), not during the month. The point I am trying to make is the following: 1) A footage sale is made on SS for $100 on the 1st day of the month. 2) This shows up as a sale for $100 and my account says $100. 3) I will not know until approximately 34-35 days later how much of the $100 I will receive as if the clip was sold in the US, I will have to pay 30% witholdings, making the payment I receive $70, not $100. Up until that payment calculation 4 or 5 days after the end of the month, there is no split of US Income/ Foreign Income. So, having the map showing where the clip has been sold (which country) will allow us to know that for that clip (if outside the US) we will be receiving the amount stated and we won't have to wait until after the end of the month to know how much we will receive. Those of you not in this situation, count yourselves lucky that what is on your account is what you will receive!
  9. Sorry for your lack of understanding, but when a sale is made in the United States, those of us unfortunate enough to live in a country which doesn't have a tax treaty with the US must pay a witholding tax of 30% on all US based sales (sales outside the US are not subject to witholdings) On other sites this is calculated at the moment of the sale, but with SS it isn't. So, without the map, I and everyone else in this boat have zero idea where the clip was sold and so the sale that has been reported could be the value we will receive, or it could be 30% less. We will not know this final value until 4th or 5th of the following month. So, far from being an "Amusement", it would help us know that (for example) our sales for the month would be $600 or $400 (if all were sold in the US). That's how we would use it - to have a better idea of how much we will actually be receiving.
  10. I see monthly report, the point I am making is that if I sell a clip on the 1st of the month, I have no idea if I will be hit with a 30% tax until over a month later. Other sites calculate witholdings when they report the sale, so it can be done.
  11. I have been asking SS to bring back the map for footage since they removed it. (more than 2 years ago). I have to pay witholdings on any clip sold in the United States - 30% ! As SS does not report where the clip was sold and does not give a witholdings amount at the time of sale, I have to wait until 4th or 5th of the month to know exactly how much I will be receiving. Being kept in the dark like that is very annoying and proves the map (for some) is certainly not just a useless add on to the site - if it worked for footage it would be easy for me to know my final payout figure without having to wait for SS to make the calculation.
  12. https://www.shutterstock.com/pt/video/clip-1007173663-4k-fantasy-sci-fi-futuristic-landscape-low-setting Rocket taking off on the shore of a extra-terrestrial planet. Few others like that in my port.
  13. Trying it now Will report back on how it goes.
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