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  1. First time this has happened to me. Very disappointing to get 26 cents per download instead of 38 for a subscription sale. I really hope that this (extra sales opportunity ?) does not catch on. Extended licenses have almost stopped since the introduction of SOD's and the number of full price On demand sales has also dropped.
  2. Same here, I wonder how much technology is shared with BS, I have just checked there and it appears that nothing at all is searchable under new images.
  3. I hope that this is yet another glitch. My whole portfolio is unavailable. Specially worrying after all the issues reported recently around instant closing of people's accounts and the threats of closure.
  4. Me too, I do not know where to start on a portfolio of over 4000 images. I have never knowingly used a word twice in a title or in keywords and have never edited either after an image has been accepted. Can anyone confirm if this message has gone out to everyone, is there anyone who hasn't received it.
  5. If you want to photograph blue flowers (bluebells) etc. on clear sky days you could probably benefit from using a UV filter, specially if you don't shoot raw images.
  6. Mine won't because I will be deleting my content.
  7. 2 downloads again today, I thought the holidays were over.
  8. This is officially my worst start to the new year ever. 8 downloads in 3 days.
  9. And today is no better for me. Most of my sales usually come from right of center on the map but today nothing from there and precious few from anywhere else. Anyone else out there getting sales from Europe and Asia today ?????????
  10. Must be, I just celebrated my first download since Friday afternoon.
  11. Looks like my first zero day of the new year today.
  12. Not nearly so impressive but Just hit 20 K downloads today. I wonder what the odds were of checking my stats on exactly 20K.
  13. Happy new year to all contributors and staff at Shutterstock
  14. 4 subscription downloads today, a Wednesday, says it all really.........
  15. Bah humbug indeed, 3 downloads again today.......
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