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  1. Was on 25c . Now level three. August, 17 d/l at average of 83 cents per d/l
  2. I am on level three. I have sold fifty photos this month. The last one for $11.25. Most of my others vary from 10c to $.1.25. My average return per download this month is 55c. The large sale is a one off I suspect. Take that out and I'm averaging around 33c per sale this month. My average per photo for June and July is 46 cents. I am only a bit part player and do not rely on SS for income. I have seen some posts where high volume sellers have taken an almighty hit on their income, I would find that very hard to swallow.
  3. What I find peculiar is that prior to the change my sales were consistently at the 25c level for virtually all of the year. So if the old system was still operational my first 8 downloads since 1/6would have netted me $2. In fact I have earned more, with a 26c, 43c, and a $2.58. Total of $3.77 including the 10c. I stand four square with all here who deplore what SS have done with payment rates, and I'm sure my luck wont last. I am on level two a few clicks away from level three. All very confusing.
  4. Thank you for your help. I will do that
  5. I checked my page. States I joined in April 2009. I did not join until September 2018. Still cannot find number of downloads for 2020
  6. I have just opened my new page with the new rates.. So far this year I have 232 downloads. The chart shows I am on level two, on the way to level three. However, I cannot now find anything on the page to tell me how many sales i have had this year. I should be 18 sales away from level three, Have we all been reset, to zero, or have I missed something?
  7. Umm, just had my first 10c sale. It all feels a bit pointless now. Perhaps it will get better.
  8. Me too, sale on 1/6 for the usual 25c.subscription. Time difference, perhaps.
  9. Thanks, Sari, That explains it. Regards Roger
  10. Went into my contributor app. There was a photo showing I had taken some time ago. The caption said, 'added to five collections today.' Not quite sure what that means.
  11. I joined a year ago. I had accumulated many photos over the years which I uploaded. I have added to that since. I now have 4700 plus photos. My early efforts were spoiled by poor description and lack of pertinent key wording. I have two cameras one of which, the Sony RX 100 mk3, I carry all of the time. I take photos of everything, nothing is off the menu. When I see something I try to envisage who would buy it and for what purpose. I also use the free keyword option. I find it very useful. After a year I am half way to the 33cents club. I am gradually looking at the key wording on all my photos to see if I can improve on it as it is the the best way get noticed. You are in the middle of a big crowd so you need to wave a large flag and say 'I'm over here'. Don't become despondent and do enjoy it. Good luck.
  12. I too gave up carrying lenses and settled on the Sony RX10 mk3 bridge camera which is weather sealed and gives me 24-600 range. My carry everywhere camera is the Sony Rx 100 mk3 which is great to slip into the pocket when out and about. I'm certainly no expert but they work for me.
  13. I have just finished my first year too. I had a large number of photos from past excursions from around Europe to upload but I am now trying to concentrate on more current issues. 407 downloads to date. Hopefully, one day, In the far distant future, will join the 33 cents club.
  14. Twice I submitted a photo of a public display of Art that is placed in a main square in the Spanish own of Oviedo. Twice it was rejected. It was of a large bronze statue of a naked mother holding her child on her knee. It was rejected as inappropriate content. Which I suppose means the city council and all the citizens of that town have got it wrong. I thought this was more like censorship than a rational editorial decision. But couldn't be bothered to argue the point
  15. Well done. I only joined in February but set my payout level ai $100. Currently $92. That magical $500 mark seems light years away yet though.
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