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  1. Laurin I agree with you. The boards aren't what they used to be which is why I left them a few years ago. I come by once in awhile but no longer post. Going back to doing something you loved doing is a wonderful thing. Playing and making/writing music is something that always clears my mind and calms my soul and I wish you and your band all the best. Since I don't do Facebook please let me know when your bands website is up I would love to check it out. You, Dave and a few others helped me out when I first started with learning how to take photos with the camera and I will never forget it. Sadly that camera is now gone (long story) but I know if I ever get something like that again I will remember all that you and everyone else has taught me. *hugs* Anita
  2. The site had a hiccup it's not showing the correct amount of revenue earned on the contributors landing page. It is correct on the stats page though. Just thought you should be aware.
  3. Which isn't good for me because I've never been to the same venue twice :/
  4. I never really had the opportunity to shoot concerts. Just with crappy throw away cameras and some crappy P & S cameras. Being as I'm only 5'2" and having the luck of every time people in front of me are way taller, I don't ever get decent stock worthy shots. Not that SS would take them as a ticket doesn't count as credentials That and I don't do people photography so they won't let me do the On the Red Carpet program. *edit* In case you care to know in the first three days of working on my first draft novel I've written over 10,000 words. Go me! LOL
  5. I did a nice front flip a few years ago when my left shoe got caught in the laces of my right shoe. I landed perfectly on my back and of course no one saw the flip. Just me on the ground and instead of helping they laughed. Course I've been known to sprain my ankle without doing anything special just walking. <---Is clutsy
  6. It's not that zoo I'm at it's on yet another zoo I'll deal with his punk arse tomorrow too busy tonight to deal with it.
  7. Thanks Sari. I'm still writing and will probably keep at it until I'm ready to pass out. It's also keeping me from dealing with a jackass on a different message board. Full of himself he is and he's pissing in the wind and it's blowing in his direction. And yeah I'm snarky...do I care? Nope *kicks complaintinator*
  8. It took me over a year to get my first one. When buyers are looking to purchase an EL I'm pretty sure they don't just pick the first one they see. If I were spending that kind of money on one image I will look through everything to make sure I get the right one which doesn't necessarily mean the most popular one. And when Baz talks about large jpgs you can upload large size jpgs of your vector files. SS doesn't do that for you, you have to do that yourself. Which is a pain and something SS probably won't ever change. It'll happen. On a side note, I'm still waiting on my first photo EL. I've gotten raster, vector and 3d just not that one.
  9. If I haven't been here enough lately I won't be here a lot during the month of November. I'm working on my novel for National Novel Writing Month and that's going to take up a huge chunk of time. I've also decided to not make any new images until 2014 so I can work on this. Today is day one and it's going slooooooow, kinda like my sales here. *kicks complaintinator*
  10. I had 5 0 days. Missed payout again for the third time this year after not missing one for 2 years straight before this year. *sigh*
  11. I've looked at Smashwords but found it a bit confusing. Right now I'm on Create Space where I do my publishing. I've been spending some time prepping for it making sure I have my characters outlined and what each chapter is supposed to have in it. I'm sort of stuck on a few things but hopefully it'll work itself out either before or when I start writing it. I tell ya it's extremely hard not to start writing it right now.
  12. Been too damn busy to do anything lately. I probably won't be around here on the month of November I'm doing this http://www.nanowrimo.org and that's going to take up a massive amount of my free time. Since stock has taken a complete uber sheet for me I've decided to concentrate on my other interest writing for the time being. Maybe that'll actually lead to a book actually selling once I edit it, make it perfect and publish it. I'm hoping to publish next summer. Though hoping and doing are two different things. DL, OD, SOD, EL are all elusive for me. The month is over half through and still wondering if I'll make payout here. The odds are not in my favor.
  13. But I don't Let Pumas Punk Me
  14. I would be interested in it as well. I'll keep an eye on this thread. I usually crop to the artboard dimensions but it does slice overlapping elements. I've taken to locking the background color and only selecting the elements overlapping the artboard boundaries and cropping that. If that works without destroying the elements inside the artboard then that would make my seamless work easier to deal with.
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