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  1. ...no words, no explanation - simply, solve it again!
  2. Thanks for your thoughts, but there is no logo, indeed...?
  3. I do not have a problem, if they reject one time - but, if I explain the situation by email then, then they could re-check and accept! And we discussed only one example here now, I could show more...That there is something wrong in the review process, can be seen, that, if you re-submit after a few weeks, same pics are accepted - ridiculous, but time-wasting...and I really do not think, that the most reviewers have interesting thoughts like you and the other members here...they click-click only...
  4. Yes, I am familiar with Bayerische Schlösser-/Seen Verwaltung: they mark and inform clearly about regulations at the castles and parks, but this building of Bremen is in the public area of the historic town - not marked, no information, no regulations...therefore, I doubt about any requirements here...
  5. Shutterstock explains > below here > this all does not fit in case of an old building - that's all! If your content was rejected with "Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright)," it's most likely because your work contains copyrighted elements, such as: Artwork created by another artist Isolated modern architecture Statues or landmarks created after 1900 Isolated automobiles or vehicles Isolated cameras (modern or vintage) Designs of certain products or devices, like Rubik's cubes Text in a book, magazine, newspaper Illustrations that closely resemble copyrighted characters such as superheroes
  6. All what you mention, would lead to rejection for property release reasons and not for intellectual property reasons...?
  7. @Simone: please consider, that it was NOT rejected due to property release, but for intellectual property reasons. What you explained, might lead to rejection for property release issues...
  8. Here an example: public, old town, historic building and common normal way of taking picture - rejected due to 'intellectual property' ?
  9. No, this not the point and not relevant in case of the buildings on my pictures...I am sure about, what I am taking pictures of and about what I submit!
  10. Again and again pictures showing standard landmarks are rejected due to "intellectual properties" - this is simply wrong and I guess, such review guys do not know, what intellectual property means at all! It would be really fine, if someone from shutterstock would take a bit more care of checking, WHO reviews any pictures! It is very annoying to work with such people! Anybody else with such bad experiences here?
  11. Jepp: Again shutterstock cannot handle this important function! Uploading does not work, review quality mediocre, earning decreased suddenly - I do not know, what shutterstock thinks about its position on this market!!!
  12. I know about this develompment, but earings at shutterstock decreased suddenly and not continously as it would be expectable...
  13. Do not worry! Even if you can upload, the pictures will be rejected for nonsense reasons - in my case, the rejection reasons vary from "Intellectual Property" to "Noise..." for the same sunny pictures ? And: YES, also no confirming emails for submitted pictures any more...everything is quite bad here now!
  14. I am getting wrong rejections now since a few days (with over 3000 pictures here!) - for example a television tower not protected taken on a public place per tele from a distance and I should add a property release never ever required for such pictures. Also a lot of pictures of this tower are already available at shutterstock without property release! The day before, all pictures were rejected due to noise?!?!?!?! Simply ridiculous right now! I do not understand how these bad reviewers are working - after over 3000 photos I have here ! ? Next bad experience: shutterstock' sellings have decreased apparently - another point, why they are quite unattractive now... ? @shutterstock: are you taking care of this issue?
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