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  1. $18.66 for the month! Used to be $150 - $200 a month. That was worth doing! No reason to bother anymore.
  2. Proudly announcing a "huge" achievement: 5 SUB sales in seven days! This is worse than in the first months I started...
  3. Same here, hardly seems worth the effort anymore.
  4. 0 all weekend and 6 x 0 days so far this month, thought it couldn't get any worse!
  5. 9 days and 7 subs (3 x 0 days), not bad after 8 years!!
  6. Worst week in 8 years, 5 subs!! One of the other sites that hardly ever sells is beating SS by a factor of 10. The end is nigh.
  7. Wont even make payout! At least 70% down compared to last year (10 zero days last month and 7 this month, hardly any ODs etc). Lowest sales for 6 years, for me seems it's just not worth uploading anymore.
  8. I hate this continuing trend for white space and minimal text, this 'update' is a mess. At the very least get rid of the US$ and separate the all time and daily totals from the individual days. The old page was much better and should be reinstated.
  9. Message above my public sets. Anyone know what this means and how to fix it as there's no explanation or link!? Thanks
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