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  1. Thanks Patrick, and yes add some! The dl’s are really nice, when they come. Hot, hot, here, too. I’ve been hiding out in the house for most of the afternoon. I did go stand in the giant kiddie pool for a bit, made the pups go swimming, they hate it! 😆
  2. Hi Sari. You could be right. That’s one thing Rudy suggested, too. It’s showing as a sub though, no location. Boo. 😉 Working on the big A tonight. Sold a squirrel for $119 a few days ago, woo! I have a very small port there, time to get to work. It’s too hot to do anything else.
  3. Here’s some interesting news for you. I >>>deleted <<<one of my top selling hummingbird pics several weeks ago and it just sold on a $4.50 sub. ID # blank arrowed thumbnail. Rudy explained it. I’m not really that bothered, it’s just interesting. I deleted it because I was mad at them, lol!
  4. Ha! 🙃 Well, if you can live with it there, good for you! 😁 Had a large print sale in Feb and a few card packs, so I figured I might as well give the site some effort. Setting the prices is the hard part. 30c in the shade right now. Guess cutting the grass is out, for now.
  5. Hi kids! Sari, that big snake would freak me right out! I’d be getting someone to get rid of it if it was me! I just get little garters around here, and they’re bad enough. 😳 Sold two face masks on FAA, with two squirrels with a wishbone on them, lol! I got 10% of my $30.00 membership investment back though, woo! Have a great day everyone!
  6. *Waves back, jumping up and down* Hi Diana! 😁 Thanks! That would be really nice! 😜
  7. Hi Annie! 😁 Thanks, it was really nice...shocking really! I treated myself to a premium membership today, thanks for the little push. I had a big sale in Feb, so I figured why not?
  8. I’ve had some nice sales there. I must add more! A few years ago, a greeting card company contacted me, they saw my pics on FAA. They purchased two, directly from me, on a two year license for big $$$$. I don’t have a premium account.
  9. Lol! Think about it Sari, you’re a very clever gal! 🤓 These 11 and 13 cent dl’s are SO painful to see. I don’t know what to do...hate like hell to pack it in after 11 years, but I think I might have to.
  10. Ha, seriously?! 😳😆 Well it is a thought. A bit complicated, but getting to level 6 would be a breeze. Split the royalties by participant sales, monthly. Honesty would be crucial.
  11. Wondering if a bunch of you, with good selling ports, could somehow join together and form a factory. Just a thought...
  12. Hey girl! I still like to watch my earnings, even though I stopped submitting a few years ago. I really feel for you Sari, you’ve worked so hard! I think it’s also a bit of an addiction, so go easy on yourself. 😟 Go upload your pics everywhere else! 💪🏼
  13. It certainly is a sad ending. Big hugs to you all. 😞
  14. Hi Wendy, hi Sheila! Sari, the pics are covered in plastic and don’t have batteries in them. ☹️ Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃😁
  15. 😁 I’m assuming there’s little twinkle lights in the wreath, in the back. I’ll go back and take a closer look tomorrow. If there’s batteries in it, I’ll get another pic, maybe get them to turn off the lights, lol! I was so excited, I booted back home for my ipad to grab a pic. 💃🏼 The two big ones were only $16.99 (very reasonable, on nice stretched canvas, too) not sure about the smaller one. I’ll let you know, if they’re still there! 😮 Yes, that was the email I tried. He sure is! 😁 The company is GiftCraft. My pleasure, I got a real kick out of it myself, and congratulations!
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