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  1. Everything has an end. I would not have predicted that the end of the SS would come like this. I hope they return immediately before this mistake. Disrespect for the efforts of these participants. In one word, you're fired.
  2. I look forward to switching to payoneer payment method.
  3. Hello, I've tried all the payment methods. Payoneer is the best. We look forward to using Payoneer. Please help me. Thanks.
  4. öncelikle pasaportun olmadan nasıl shutterstock a kayıt oldun anlayamadım? kesinlikle pasaport istiyorlar sürücü belgesi diyor ama Türkiyenin sürücü belgesi bu sitede geçmiyor..
  5. arkadaşlar bu kesilen vergileri geri alabiliyormuyuz? bu konuda bilgisi olan varsa açıklarsa sevinirim.
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