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  1. RESET TO RANK 1 each January... then they arrange with big clients to sell large licenses and enhanced licensed while we are at tier 1 and get only 15%?
  2. Yikes, thanks for letting me know. We'll rush the remaining images! Thanks again
  3. Hi! I uploaded a very large batch of my portfolio on the 13th of march at 10ham. I have someone who helps me choose the category and submit. He almost completed but still 1000 to submit, and today we are 21 day later (13th of march, 21 day brings us to 3rd of april). What is the SPECIFIC deadline to submit the image. Would it be the exact hour I uploaded the image, or do we have until midnight today to submit them? (I won't to know if I have to worry and try to find a way to know which file will be removed from queue or if I have to put 2-3 person to rush the submission). Thanks for t
  4. Hi! I just created around 100 unique and creative icons for major services like Facebook/Twitter/WeChat etc. I tried to submit those with the editorial caption, seeing that there is still new content added like this: https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-illustration/kiev-ukraine-july-15-2018-set-1165080964?src=LdLg1Mf3JqL4lkwDiwttgQ-2-21 I even see some plain company logo copy approved in February 2019 : https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-photo/kiev-ukraine-february-26-2019-collection-1324786388?src=LdLg1Mf3JqL4lkwDiwttgQ-1-0 Any clue why I would get those rejection on mine?
  5. Ok I thought that the ''Postpone'' was the ''Postpone'' email we received: They could have send back an email, I don't spend much time in the forum except when looking to solve issues. Thanks for the info... I guess I'll upload like before and prepare for after 😕 ...
  6. What the &%/R?%$"/!". I have a large batch of vector to upload, and Shutterstock, you mentionned that on the 17th of April WE NEED to ONLY upload a vector of 4 MP minimum. I did all those time consuming changes on thousand of my images. SHUTTERSTOCK CONTRIBUTOR EMAIL: Now I upload them... What is the joke?? Am I the only one on the 17th of April? It's not serious. Shutterstock, can you please tell me how you want me to upload my vectors once and for all and be done with it?
  7. Thanks for the answer. I've been contributing since 2009 and never had this issue, I guess I got lucky. Where do they write that information? Would be great that they simply put that line before our image submission queue, or that if images are about to be deleted, say 5 days before a red or orange tags pops-up saying the image will be deleted. Sad to learn it this way. Any clue if there is a way to have a excel list of say the content submitted in 2019, that way I could find a way to locate the 4500 missing images, else it is just a mess to locate them ;-/
  8. Hi! This morning there was 6000 images in my NOT YET SUBMITTED queue. I had an employee working and the next thing we see is it dropped to 1500 unsubmitted images. Question is, anyone knows what happened there? If they are gone for good, is there way I can have the list of all the content I have in my portfolio in order for me to reupload the images that were removed for I do not know what reason? Thanks!
  9. Hi! It started today but as soon as I am on the Contributor pages on Shutterstock, ESET (antivirus) goes crazy and blocks 3 to 6 links from shutterstock, wether I am on Chrome or on Firefox. I think there might be some malicious script or maybe just a simple error on the code on this page. Yesterday it wasn't doing this and it does not happen anywhere else on the web. I see links blocked like: Which is found on the 9th line of the script tag on the contributor page, but also hexagonanalytic, eloqua.com etc. Does this only happens to me?
  10. It seems I have to submit a W-8 BENE since I am an enterprise outside US. I contacted contributor support and they say something confusing which makes me very angry. I submitted my forms the day it was required and still no news...: They say: After checking your account we noticed that you have not yet submitted a W8 tax form, we suggest that you login to your account and go to the Tax center section to file and submit your tax form. Please note that any tax form attached to an email is not accepted neither reviewed due to security reasons hence, we suggest that you submit your tax form from
  11. Hi! I try to send my new tax form in the tax center, but SUBMIT NEW TAX FORM or TIME TO RESUBMIT YOUR TAX FORM link just asks me 3 questions and puts me back to the page where I can download the PDF forms... Where can I send those forms to be reviewed once completed? Thanks!
  12. "To help simplify the earnings schedule". $28 each was pretty simple. 20.39$ sales... 26.94$ sale... I just feel they found a way to cut in our earnings . Will be a big yearly loss for those of us who makes a living with Microstock
  13. I also have many vectors lined up.. Come on Shutterstock.. It's almost 1 month now that we can't upload vectors.. (if we enter keywords manually we can, but come on!) Same issue for me, not solved yet it seem. I uploaded twice to make sure...
  14. Yes exactly. I was just wondering if Shutterstock needed me to put the artists names in the description or if I needed to attach a release if I own the rights? Thanks for the 'work for hire' term this is what I was missing, will look into it, Patrick
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