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  1. Also because the same document for an altor shooting (written and scanned worse) was accepted. I'm tired of working double or triple, this thing is absurd, the responsibility is mine, it would be enough to declare that I have the model releases.
  2. Hello everyone, lately I'm having problems with the model releases. I have always tried universal documents and Shutterstock has always accepted images. Lately, even with the document from Shutterstock, I am refusing several jobs. Does it happen to you too? Now since I'm tired of wasting time, also because it has been admitted by the subjects portrayed and I find it absurd that the images were rejected for small imperfections on the document. Among other things, I tried to attach the releases with a shuttersto document on other agencies and all approved the images. If you think about it, it's right because the responsibility is mine. I think it would be enough to declare that I have the liberals and not to provide sensitive information to third parties.
  3. If everyone complains at least once we listen to us, you restore the old layout!
  4. I am worried. The royalty of the extended licenses, since they were reduced, I have not sold licenses extended more. Always turn down the prices will not solve the problems. You need to improve customer service.
  5. The decline is not just about this time. Business is bad for many months. Shutterstock What do you think about that? I think there are too many authors. If agencies want to survive this market must request an annual payment to the authors.
  6. We Italian authors have been a big drop in sales. You too? Very few sales lately...
  7. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-466565762/stock-photo-mountain-man-with-plaid-shirt-in-a-high-mountain-valley.html?src=Xuv8VZRFYsvpVf_s63J2yw-1-2 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-466563986/stock-photo-worker-with-plaid-shirt-on-white-background.html?src=Xuv8VZRFYsvpVf_s63J2yw-1-16 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-466564016/stock-photo-lumberjack-with-plaid-shirt-on-white-background.html?src=Xuv8VZRFYsvpVf_s63J2yw-1-10
  8. In fact it's the details that interest me! The shutterstock team does not write on this forum?
  9. Thanks scukrov, maybe I do not understand English well. I read the other thread and the article but I have not understand if shutterstock pays the contributors each time an image is used for advertising google.
  10. Okay, but this is not clear. You have seen an increase of sales?
  11. As you are aware there has been an agreement between Google and shutterstock. There is a commission for every use of our images?
  12. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-460803493/stock-photo-traditional-ritual-of-shaving-the-beard-in-a-old-style-barber-shop.html?src=Xuv8VZRFYsvpVf_s63J2yw-1-51
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