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  1. Let us know please how it ended. This is not the first time I hear about copyright issues in NFT world. It seems like only few create art from scratch. Many times it's incorporating other people stuff in their pieces.
  2. At the first glance it looks like you have better numbers but the amount is pretty much the same. I am Level 3 btw.
  3. I am on Shutterstock for 12 years. I have never had sales this low (not even the first month I started back in 2009.) January not even made to payout (~20$), February a bit over 35$. I think I am done with this website.
  4. Soooo, being Level 2 doesn't affect my earnings whatsoever. It only means I am in a "higher class group" then poor peasants in Level 1, for my personal satisfaction? (sens the sarcasm)
  5. I really don't understand this game. I am Level 2 since 4-5 days ago and all my downloads are still between 0.10$ and 0.12$. What is exactly different in terms of earnings?
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