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  1. Hello my friend! Long time! Just take a look at the following stats regarding SS library, I am no longer into stock so I won't draw any conclusion, I can only say sales and downloads are definitely down but impossible not to really, wish all the best, time to change another nappy! 136.447.767 imagens stock livres de royalties / 1.106.661 novas imagens stock adicionadas esta semana.
  2. very sad thing to say, total rubbish, unbelievable, you deserve another cut man....
  3. I will tell you what this is, shameless and utterly disgusting!
  4. 8 downloads on a Friday (which is much worst than a weekend day!) doesn't sound very good now I am starting to believe that something is going on apart from the 200k new files per week
  5. I would say football if I talk with anyone from all around the world except from USA
  6. only keep the RAWs that I am going to edit and of course the edited JPGs I don't work with TIFFs unless it is a panorama (Hugin)
  7. sorry to hear man making a new copy this moment, cheers!
  8. if I had your gear I would go for the 50mm all the time unless you are really far from your subject mostly because of the F1.8 versus the F4 it would save you some stops/ISO once you have a 9 years camera which I believe it isn't the best in terms of noise control (if it is good go for the F4 lens) I would set Aperture mode and F1.8 and then increase the ISO till you think you have the right shutter speed to get sharper images
  9. +2 Really positive response! +3 With respect! +4, good response Ron Perfect way to handle such comments. +5 +6. Done with class, Ron +7 perfect reply!
  10. trying to buy this but the page seems stuck after adding the card details and such, its processing the payment for over 1 hour now Adobe support sucks, any thoughts or special email to get rescue? cheers!
  11. - First quarter revenue increased 42% from prior year, to $72.8 million - Adjusted EBITDA increased 20% to $14.2 million - Quarterly paid downloads increased 33% to a record 29.7 million - Collection grew 41%; exceeds 35 million images and 1.7 million video clips - Acquisition of WebDAM, a leading provider of digital asset management tools, closed during first quarter http://investor.shutterstock.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=251362&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1929092&highlight=
  12. isn't a better option to opt out?
  13. it was a very slow day, a SOD saved it a little
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