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    I paint & draw, love to code, shoot digital and analog photography & creating 2D / 3D illustrations. Cycling, swimming and HIIT are my favs

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  1. Thank you @Alex Shutterstock for a quick response. I am expecting that, just like before
  2. @sebaska75That's what I thought a month ago, but the minimum is exceeded several times. Yes, quite a long time though. It never happened before, that's why I did not strike in the first month @Firn / @Authentic Creations
  3. Hello Could anyone tell me WHY despite the +++ balance I still do not get the payment? THANKS @Alex Shutterstock
  4. That makes 100% sense, explaining it on the forum has no sense
  5. I understand there is an OPT OUT for that change? If not it's violating some earlier agreements between contributors and SS @Alex Shutterstock and it's simply unfair.
  6. Well, as for this one... If I'd have a bug on site, I wouldn't go to sleep until I got it fixed. I used to run several commercial internet stores and other sites, taking care of the servers, coding live while doing also many other things, typical at the small companies. That would be a shame... Also the owners would try to kick my ass, but that wasn't ever the case. So...I have NO IDEA how the h... SS webmasters can sleep???;) Especially that people on the forums point out all the bugs for free, they are testing the site for free. There are other coders who tried to help here, who worked on some third party tools. Yet someone is messing around with the site over and over and doesn't care. That useless sorting methods looking like a random heap of garbage (according to the search term) make me feel sick. Google has the whole world to index and yet they don't show hundreds of similar pictures at once. Zaz.. has a lot more stuff and easily you can find your items, there are SEVERAL sorting methods available, on site design.... man... Check out Al...y, upload something and see how it's wisely spread across the other content. Check out their stats system and keyword discovery tools. At some point of time Shutterstock's algorithm used to be really good, just like the acceptance policy. Nowadays... would be really hard to read the real opinion of many contributors, because those would be similar to the OPs one. That's pretty sad... * And I did not even start to talk about sales *
  7. Check out that one portfolio with 500 pages of almost the same image, there must be hundreds of such portfolios because I saw dozens only myself. It's crazy, but someone is accepting that
  8. Well.. just try to scroll a few pages with this one https://www.shutterstock.com/search?search_source=base_search_form&language=en&searchterm=microscope+icon&image_type=all if you dare
  9. You don't get it, It's not spamming... it's the magic Search&Sort algorithm and a superb Artficial Indolence review (irony)
  10. Anyway using and selling "elements by NASA" is pretty "funny"
  11. Seems like... so there it is, the magic algorithm, that was ridiculous from the beginning. Let's hope it wont materialize
  12. The only person who has the right to decide which image is better is the buyer. And there comes the essence of the word POPULAR I suppose. FAKE POPULAR is like fake news, a bulls... So fiddling around with some magic( ) algorithm and calling it POPULAR is even worse bulls.... Unfortunately seems to be impossible to add more choices to the interface. Although changing POPULAR to MESS would reflect the result.
  13. "It IS good for contributors." NO, it's BAD and it's wrong. And it's not the first time a microstock site is doing something like that, convincing some people to it. In a few months, they'll change it completely and tell them, it's again the best algorithm. Happy ones will buy it. Somehow almost all microstock sites have the worst web design and search engines. Any great "change for contributors" is making worse for them. And that recent 50% decrease is certainly not a random case. It's an effect of the system upgrade. In a few months it will repeat. If the keywords disappearing from the "Top Performers" is a good sign for anyone, or if the "Popular images" promoting worthless (at the moment) images is such a good sign... You think so? Then you are already in a lost position. Robin Hood's system at work.
  14. " Everyone has right to earn and be on higher rank" ?? lol You deny yourself, how you get normally a higher rank? By quality ONLY. And this current system is a random socialist approach. The best ones have right to earn. The rest has to create even better content to get a higher rank. Otherways it's just some silly ideology, allowing people to spam with hundreds of similar images or upload anything. And if I'm not the best? I don't cry, but makes me sick if you can't even become the best one.
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