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  1. Does anyone experience issues with uploading EPS files? Every time I uploaded vector EPS files (without JPGs according latest guidlines), no matter via FTP client or website form - they just disappeared like I never uploaded them. They never appeared: empty page, no files at all. When I tried to upload vectors in old-fashion way (along with JPG preview images) I got an error "you have to mark those images as illustrations", which means basically that the system still accepts raster images, but refuses vector files for some reason, no matter if they accompanied with JPSs or not.
  2. For some reason several days ago keywords stop automatically being populated from images as it was before and it is significantly increased the amount of time for the whole process. Nothing is wrong with my images: all metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords) was properly assigned to images in Adobe Bridge. I even tested my old (previously successfully submitted images) - their metadata didn't proceed either, so it is obviously some bug on Shutterstock side. No matter if I upload via web or FTP - still no automatic extraction of metadata from images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. I understand that "Most Relevant" tab is a sophisticated combination of several factors and probably popularity is one of them but from user's perspective it doesn't matter: clients had 3 choices before and now they have only 2 (actually just one, because 'Fresh Content' is basically useless). Fewer choices = low findability and discoverability = less downloads! It's just obvious. @Alexander Oganezov No, it wasn't. As I said there were 3 tabs before: 'Most Relevant', 'Most Popular', 'New Images' and now there are just 2: 'Most Relevant' and 'Fresh Content'. Speaking about URLs: nobody search images on contributors portfolio page and how the search results presented on this page doesn't effect number of downloads. All that really matters is how the things organized on main search and there's no indication of "sort=popular" in URL there: https://www.shutterstock.com/search?searchterm=vector
  4. I think everyone has noticed that 'Most Popular' tab on image search results page was removed for some reasons several weeks ago and consequences of this Shutterstock team decision are rather disastrous: both for contributors AND FOR THE CLIENTS. It is extremely harder now to find a decent image among millions of images because 'Fresh Content' tab is literally useless for the clients: it shows just long series of similar images, because contributors are usually submitting their images by series. After killing 'Most Popular' tab, the only workable tab now is 'Most Relevant', but it is simply not enough for effective search practice! 'Most Popular' tab was very helpful, because it showed to the clients some quality level, not just popularity. That tab was really important. What are the downsides of removing 'Most Popular' tab? less ways to find proper image time-wasting clients are leaning toward switching to other image stock websites with faster search results less image downloads = contributors are going to upload more images to the other image stock websites to compensate their loss Without exaggeration that poor decision can lead to disaster: Shutterstock is in danger of losing its leadership in stock image industry and nobody here wants it! I believe that 'Most Popular' tab should be returned where it was before and we all as contributors have to raise our voices to support it. Thank you!
  5. I have 4300+ images and right now it shows only "225 active images" in my dashboard - I'm totally shocked!!! Has anyone contacted Support? What's going on?!
  6. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-280253690/stock-vector-whiteboard-business-strategy-vector-template.html?src=NGe5WkPbky_YOjJ7LQXtBg-2-13
  7. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-290949578/stock-vector-b-letter-branded-corporate-internal-mobile-app-vector-template.html?src=NGe5WkPbky_YOjJ7LQXtBg-2-2
  8. Why don't we start a topic for EDITORIAL vectors? Here are my recent editorial vectors: vector illustration of president Barack Obama looking frustrated vector illustration of Russian President Vladimir Putin
  9. New approved editorial vector: "Russian president Putin in sunglasses" - it is about his responsibility as a politician for recent Malaysian plane tragedy.
  10. Thank you, guys! Also Putin is on his way to be approved. Here is the video: http://youtu.be/bTWYZhYmH-k
  11. Everything is OK! They accepted my editorial vectors except brutal Putin's images. Here is the set: http://www.shutterstock.com/sets/3747336-editorial.html?rid=321775 I even had one sale!
  12. Nope, I marked them all as Editorial - I was very accurate submitting my editorial illustrations for the first time Moreover there are some approved images of jumping Obama on Shutterstock - very similar (except drawing style, of course) to what I send them. I just don't understand.
  13. Macorko, my caption was like this:" JULY 5, 2014: vector illustration of President Obama jumping joy" - absolutely in the same manner as they wrote here "May 5, 2014: A vector illustration of a portrait of President Obama on a red background." In addition to that they didn't mention wrong caption or keywords as the reason for refusal, they just answered "We cannot accept cartoons or caricatures of celebrities at this time". I am afraid some of inspectors are still have no idea that Shutterstock accept editorial political cartoons... I wrote to submit@shutterstock.com about that refusal - let's see.
  14. I submitted yesterday a bunch of vector cartoons on politicians (Obama, Putin) like this: Obama as a Dove of Peace with olive branch and today I received the answer: "Not Approved We cannot accept cartoons or caricatures of celebrities at this time." I just don't understand that.
  15. New vectors for Halloween: Halloween icons and design elements zombie businessman with smartphon walking zombie businessman
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