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  1. now i am thinking about to close my account here, because now the smaller agencies like chromorange are producing fine incomes which are similar to my last income here. Over 10 years and over 35000 USD income it is a pitty to have to think about such a decision..................
  2. i wonder if the buyers know that they have no license for the bought pictures?
  3. hi, i have stopped licensing on 28th of january this year no i see two sold pcitures today at the same time my video level is 2 without any sold videos this year, what a funny company here, i am sure we will see a fast decline, may be they can urge me to sell my pictures without licensing but they will never get a new video or picture of me, my earning on adobe have doubled this year and even the smaller agencies generating better sells than before. My income is now better without shutterstock and i have a simple suggestion: set all the pictures and videos to at least level 4 and wil
  4. no i have suggestion for shutterstock: set all my videos and pictures to the highest level and we will be the best friends againšŸ¤£
  5. today i have reached level 2 for footage without any sold footage because i have stopped licensing on january 28th here. No i see two sold pictures today here even though i have stopped licensing, whats that, i think i will close my account totally here because this february i have earned more without shutterstock and it seems not very clear whats going on here without the greed nothing is clear here, it is a pitty.
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