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  1. Every once in a while there is a footage sales that really makes my day - make me think again, inspires me to contribute. Had a footage sales the other day, a nice, three figure value. Obviously from a "sensitive usage" licensing scheme. Two months before that, had another of these sales with almost three figure sales values as well. Thank you Shutterstock, for advertising the contents and getting buyers to download them.
  2. If money is no issue for you then try the Adobe suite. With After Effects you can create great computer generated animations too. Otherwise you can try Sony Vegas 13 (the "consumer edition") that sells for $150 (it has great color grading and special effects features). I used it for all my footages plus some small docos I did.
  3. I almost touched a three figure month before last for a footage of mine. You earn them through sensitive use option.
  4. Welcome aboard and I must say, you have a very cool portfolio (even with a few clips). I am quite sure you will have a great time selling here.
  5. If they buy it as an HD file you get $79 but if they buy it as a 4K file you get $299. Big difference. For HD, SS sells for $79 and you get $20 to $23. For 4K, SS sells for $299 and you get 1/4 of the price which would be around $75...still a big difference though...
  6. Depends on what container used and the compression...perhaps avi or mpg?
  7. First of all, "speeding up" through software is usually not a good option to create time-lapses. It works sometimes (I have a good selling footage which was created that way, but I would not use that technique again), but the best thing would be to use you camera's time-lapse function, if it has any. Secondly, yes a monopod is a great option. If you have something static nearby that you an use (for example a ledge, a pole etc.), you can use a gorillapod. There are various types of gorillapods for various weights of cameras. I take my gorillapod with me in overseas trips. it is easy to use
  8. If you are using sound with your clip and you believe they are not copyrighted or fringing any laws etc., I suggest you use professional quality audio gear to record it. As a general rule, when you are shooting, get two things: a) The main sound (e.g.bird chirping) The ambient sound (often called "atmos") e.g. wind blowing through the leaves etc. Often you can record the sound separately and then add it to your clip after you have mixed, added special effects etc. If you have the sound clip recorded in very good quality, you can add some special effects with sound mixing soft
  9. Also, be careful with your soundtrack with the submitted video. This is because your clip may contain copyrighted sounds (music, advertisements, announcements etc. in the background). when you include sound, you need to ensure you have the full rights to it just like your video.
  10. Hey Dave, Thought you were already contributing footage for a long time!!! Anyway, great news...I am sure your portfolio size will grow quite rapidly and you will be getting some serious money off your port. Cheers
  11. You can even get Blackmagic Cine Camera under 5 grands - capable of shooting up to 2.5K. If you are looking at Canon XA-20 or XA-25, your budget seems to be around $2500 to - $3000 mark. XA-20/25 is considered as a prosumer level camera. If you are spending that much and want to stay with Canon, you can perhaps consider Canon XF-100 or XF-105
  12. Windows Movie Maker seems to only output to Windows format and not MOV. What formats does shutterstock receive? .MOV file (container). Codecs are: H.264 and PhotoJPEG (preferred).
  13. Just on the last point - some camcorders DO allow you to record timelapses natively. I do it with mine. But of course if we are talking about DSLRs, you must be right.
  14. Consider diversifying into footage as well.
  15. Hey mate, Had a look at your port and congratulations on getting 40 clips approved. You have some great works in timelapse with motorised sliders. This is a great tehnique. Most of yoyur shots are from the same place, but I guess that's fine when you are starting. I liked the Grand Central station ones - youa re lucky you are allowed to film in such places. In Australia we would not be allowed to unless special permission was obtained :=) I would add the following: a) Try to vary the angles and also your subjects (for example, instead of graffiti in foreground and people in the
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