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  1. The Mico 4/3 format (5184 X 3888) used by Olympus and Panasonic is close to a medium format shape and and was adopted in part as it was a more efficient use of a spherical shaped lens and could thus reduce the size and price of their camera lenses. However, both the Oly and Pany are smaller digital mirrorless cameras so I can't address the digitizing film aspect of your question. It took a while for me to get use to this squarer format but I tend to shoot panoramas when shooting wide landscape vistas so it really hasn't been a problem. I've grown to prefer this format for the majority
  2. Mia, Regrettably, this is not a bug. The acceptance process is done by artificial intelligence and it is totally inconsistent and undoubtedly the worst in the industries. The forum is full of complaints but it appears that Shutterstock's administration has no intent to improve it. I would suggest you resubmit these images and check "Previously Submitted" under "More options" , "Notes for Reviewers". Some contributors feel this helps to get them accepted. I would also suggest you submit a smaller number of images at a time so when this happens it won't be quite so annoying. Best of
  3. C & L Perry, If what you refer to is an advertisement for Shutterstock, the answer is, yes. They always use one of my images on their advertisement on my computer. I'd like think my image appears in their advertisement worldwide (because it's so good) but I'm not that vain. I'm sure it has more to do with good computer programing on their part, not the quality of my images. Sorry! But I could be wrong.
  4. Dave, While the above is an excellent explanation of the rejection reason, I wouldn't go so far as to say your problem is solved. Shutterstock now does most if not all reviews via Artificial Intelligence and all indications are that the systems IQ is well below 50. Reviews, both for stills and video, are inconsistent at best. It may take multiple submissions of a particular image or clip and then it may still be rejected after correction of the problem. Good Luck!
  5. I suspect this is just a test of another poorly thought out and executed image evaluation system SS's programmers have developed. Obviously, the CEO wants to implement some kind of evaluation of "their" vast image collection but I expect there will be many more test before they come up with one THEY like. It appears that the 6/10 - 10/10 rating system has disappeared from my browser of choice and I don't see this new one so I'm not going to worry about this new programming debacle. I'll wait for the inevitable e-mail from SS describing the Great Thing they've developed for our benefit
  6. Otto I'm a little surprised the photo was accepted as shown but then the acceptance process is definitely a crap shoot good and bad. I can't help you with your monitor adjustments but a gear head may come along that can help. However, I suspect that your current monitor is not up to the task no matter what you do. My former monitor provided similar results while my 4k TV had excellent contrast and showed these kind of things easily. If a new monitor is not in the immediate future and you use Photoshop, I might suggest the following quick fix. With isolations on white (like your
  7. I'm definitely out of my area of expertise but if the info on MSG regarding Oleg's job at PNB bank is correct, he likely has the training needed to manipulate SS's image ranking algorithm. I have a distant relative that works in the internet industry and part of his job is to increase the visibility of his client's web site when people use specific words to find a product or service. It sounds like a similar skill set is being used in this specific situation. Other than that, I know very little but based upon our experience with SS's computer system, I must assume that it is less than state
  8. It's possible he is earning a sizable sum from his placement within Top Images but I'm inclined to think that his ranking was obtained by some other means than a huge number of sales. Friends may be "buying" his images right after they're uploaded as stevemart suggested, but I'm of the opinion that there is far more involved in his miraculous ranking than just sales. I also have a lonely and unsubstantiated optimism in the buyers ability to choose "the best or better image" especially when given the vast number of choices available. I believe his images are consistently passed over with
  9. I didn't anticipate that the order would be different depending on where in the world it was viewed. My choice was taken by icemanphotos, which has a large portfolio of fantastic beach images. I'm impressed that our friend is able to compete😉.
  10. Mr.Music The second shot is great, I wish I had taken it. However, I never would have uploaded the #1 and #3 image if they were mine. Surprisingly 😆, those were taken by OlegRi. My most popular "Beach" has been sold nearly 600 times and it doesn't appear until page 10. I could be wrong but it almost appears that Oleg is not playing by the same rules🤣.
  11. oleschwander, I hate to be nit picky but the figures you quoted (i.e. "rose" 36,000 images) are actually pages not images. I did a cursory check and it appears that there are approx. 100 images on each page. If my math is correct, that is over 3.5 million rose images and his wilted rose is ranked # 1. Strangely, enough he also has an image of a water drop which has a rose colored hue that is also found on the first page (#61 ) of over 3,5 million rose images when you look up the single keyword "rose". I agree, this sounds, looks and smells a bit suspicious.
  12. Mr.Music, I apologize! When I read that his images were ranked on the first page of the "Top Images" I thought you were dilutional. I was wrong, THEY ARE and consistently. Obviously, I didn't look up his whole portfolio but rather picked out a few very common images and used the most obvious key word. Example #1, "Mallard Duck" (his is ranked #1 out of nearly 150,000 images) and as other have pointed out, his images are average at best. Example #2 "Cow". His underexposed hardly recognizable cow was ranked # 12 out of 7948 pages or somewhere near 800,000 images. He has either
  13. BALANCE in an image. While we alluded to certain aspects of "photographic balance" in some of the past pages we never explained exactly what it is and how to accomplish it. The following is an attempt to summarize this topic. The most obvious and easiest way to create a balanced photo is to place the subject right in the middle of the image. We see an awful lot of photographers that consistently do this, especially beginners and myself. However, you can create balance in a photo without placing the subject in the center of the image, ways that most people find much more appealing.
  14. Trevor, Beautiful Shot! I understand personal preference, I tend toward a lighter more saturated image. I use Curves in Photoshop in order to lighten some of the darker portions of an image to give it more contrast. But again, it's personal preference. Keep up the good work, Again Beautiful image!
  15. David, I'm not sure your current images will have a great number of sales. I would practice the things I mentioned and those things you learn on the forum and on youtube when taking future images. Keep in mind that the micro stock industry was started to provide commercial establishments and individuals a source of inexpensive images to market their products, expertise, interests and or ideas. Unless your images lend themselves to this end they won't be in great demand. You will also need a huge number of images (1,000s) before you can expect consistent income and even then unless the
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