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  1. Very well stated Andreas!! I too have stopped adding new content until and if they reverse this new process. I and many others here do not feel valued anymore and that is sad. Hopefully smarter heads will prevail but if not I don't see a future with this agency. Sadly though I am pretty sure they could care less!!!! We can survive without SS, question is how do they survive without us contributors? Doubtful? Wake up SS!!!!!
  2. I have a question. Will all the employees and management at SS have their pay rolled back as well and then have to start over from where they were when they first started. A fair question since that is what they are essentially doing to their contributors. Fat chance that is happening, guess we are the only once having to bend over and smile!!!
  3. This is pathetic. You should reward contributors who stick with SS not screw them. This is like taking a 50%+ pay cut. Are all the employees treated the same or is it just the contributors who are getting hosed. Really need to rethink this before you lose your best and most loyal contributors!!! I am no longer uploading until this is is reversed. there are many alternatives out there who actually value their contributors. SAD, VERY SAD!!!!
  4. I am giving them until the end of June to reverse this unfair policy. It is screwing the people who made this company what it WAS. If nothing changes I will be compelled to say goodby!!!! A reduction on sub sales from .38 to as low as .10 is totally unacceptable. Is everyone working for this company getting a significant pay cut as well? HELL NO!!!
  5. Just got a sale for $.17. Was $.38 before this new deal. Not happy. I will stop uploading any pics or videos starting now. Not sure how long until I totally throw in the towel. This is a real slap in the face SS!!!!
  6. The subs for video was bad enough. This new pay structure is downright embarrassing!!! Really need to reevaluate continuing to submit to SS.
  7. still very slow (143KB/sec . Times me out "connection lost". This has been an issue for several weeks now.
  8. Prefer the previous submission page. Hate losing the ability to copy and paste keywords. Also still having issues with FTP uploads of video clips. When will it be fixed? If it ain't broke don't fix it as they say. Your resources are better spent selling.
  9. I have been having issues for over a week now. Totally unable to submit video clips. Using Cyberduck. no issues with any other agencies. This is definitely a SS problem Vincent. User Id - 310378 Date - every day for over a week at several different times per day US - Arizona 1-8 clips HD anywhere form 295 MB to 4.5 GB Mac 10.13.1. Newest version of Cyberduck I get extremely slow speeds and lose the connection constantly
  10. I am looking to buy a new camcorder. Full HD, looking right now at Canon XA20 or XA25. Any other suggestions in the under $5000 range? Would be used primarily for nature,landscape and wildlife. Thanks
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