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  1. I've disabled my portfolio until this STUPIDITY is sorted out. I am putting all of my creative efforts of new content into everywhere else I sell. I feel COMPLETELY NOT VALUED as a contributor who has been selling for 10+ years. We are the creators of the content that you sell and without us you have no product. Bitterly disappointed.
  2. Such a shame to see people taking a once great company and smashing it like this. Seems they actually have to ruin the business before they realise this is an incredibly stupid decision.
  3. This is a total joke. Every January back to the lowest earnings ?!? Shutterstock used to be number one in my book, but not any more. Why don't they just cut the BS and not pay us at all as everything they are doing lately (it is painful to upload vectors now) makes me feel that they don't actually want contributors. Extremely bad move from what was once a really good, fair and honest company.
  4. Same happened to me in the last few hours! 26 Cents for a SOD, no location was noted. What is going on??
  5. Thanks for the info Richard, but I am really would like some information from Shutterstock themselves about this. The copy/paste answer I received from Divya is just not good enough.
  6. @Jeff De Could we get some official information about what's going on please? What is being done by Shutterstock about this at the present moment? What measures is Shutterstock taking to protect our information going forward? I wrote to submit@shutterstock.com, then got a reply from an 'expert contributor' who like me is a contributor and couldn't really help, and the I received a reply from Divya of the contributor care team that seems to be a copy/paste job. None of my original concerns have actually been addressed, and on both occasions I've been told to do what I have already done (change my password and check payment settings) which I wrote that I had already done in my original email!
  7. Can't be the FTP in my case - I haven't used it to upload in over 2 years.
  8. Did you get a whole heap of spammy emails too? I would really like to hear from someone in the company who can explain exactly what's going on and what's being done to fix it.
  9. Sort of the same happened to me - woke up to an email from SS saying my account info had changed. I checked and there was a random email address for paypal. I changed it back and will be writing to SS. Also I got a heap of random junk emails.
  10. Well, thanks for the change - Yet another thing that takes time away from actually creating and just stifles the creative process. I've just spent the last 45 minutes saving, uploading, resizing, messing about with perfectly good gradients so that I can satisfy this silly new way to submit vector images. That's 45 minutes that I could have spent creating one or more new images! I've always been impressed with vectors because resolution and MP is not an issue. An EPS that is the size of a business card can be expanded with no loss of resolution to fit on the Sydney Opera House! Do you seriously think buyers are going to be excited about these ridiculously large files? To keep Shutterstock customers coming back, you really need to bring the old way of EPS + JPG back. That way we, your vector artists do not have to compromise the quality of our work. Added to that, your JPEG production process does not work properly. It's totally ruined the aforementioned image I have spent so much time trying to get right for your new rules - so much so that I'll be deleting it from here - it would be embarrassing for me to have something of such low quality in my portfolio. I will, however be selling it on other sites where I will have a high quality true preview of the EPS.
  11. I'm hanging out for this to be fixed - ATM I'm having to wade through thousands of images to find the info I could so easily get before! It's driving me crazy!
  12. Same here - Posted about it yesterday. Can anyone let us know what's going on and an ETA of when it will be fixed?
  13. Is this just a me problem or an everyone problem? I have all my images organised into sets, so that I can easily look at stats on different groups of images without having to wade through the 8K + images I have one SS. Yesterday I wen to have a look at my 'Easter' set stats, and I get a strange message "Looks like you don't have any sales yet. Keep uploading! A bigger portfolio increases your chances of a sale." This is totally wrong as my all time sales are above 64k, and in years past Easter has been a big seller for me. I also tried some other sets of mine, but it's the same for each one. Please fix this!!
  14. Thanks for all the info everyone - feeling a bit more relaxed but still find it strange.
  15. Hi Everyone, A strange thing happened in my sales on November 14 and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this: My average sales per day are 15 - 25, depending on what day of the week it is. I've been selling vector images here since 2010, most of which is holiday related (I'm pretty confident that I know what to expect at different times of the year from my sales.). On November 14, however I sold 85. 61 of those were Easter images, and sets of them (all purchased on subscription). This is what I'm worried about as that is DEFINITELY not normal. I couldn't see on my map where they sold to as some other (normal) sales happened after that before I had the chance to check it. In the past my vector files have turned up on a number of free sites, which has affected my sales, so I've learnt to become wary of unusual sales. Has anyone else noticed unusual sales lately? I have already contacted support about this, however they don't seem the least bit concerned - just congratulated me on the sales. Thanks in advance, Marina
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