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  1. How do i upload a reference image as requested SS for Illustrations.
  2. Question, how do model releases work in different countries. I am going to China soon. Do I need a release in Chinese language or will SS take it in english with Chinese signatures. I will have Chinese guide with me that can translate release in Chinese to models.
  3. mj007

    Rejection Idea.

    There must be over 1000 post in the last year on what folks think are bad rejection by reviewers. SS needs to make a live video on the reviews process and have a phone call-in for comments by SS photographers. This might help SS to be the top leader in the upload process and clearly a leader in the industry.. .. What do you think.....
  4. My fear this may be some type of malware. Should we even open e-mail from SS at the present time ?
  5. Is anybody getting strange e-mails from SS. I just got one about an image I submitted over a year ago which is on line. It said it was a new image and rejected. Not sure what this is about. I got two of these e-mail booth were strange and about very old images. If SS is writing these e-mails they need to find a new writer that can communicate better.
  6. My sales are 50% down from this time last year. Maybe the low gas prices are letting folks drive around more and less time buying images...........
  7. mj007

    New images.

    Is anyone selling new uploaded images. As of late my old to mid age images are selling. My new images are selling very slow.
  8. The answer I have found out about stock photos you must have thick skin. Also a lot of energy. When I started out most of my images were rejected. I clearly went through a learning curve. Now I have a couple thousand images on most of the different sites and make a good side income. Hang in there and you will learn the rules also....
  9. Is there rule against resubmitting images such as getting kicked off SS. For the last year I have resubmitted a lot of images . If it is against rules to resubmit maybe not worth it.
  10. Is the image gallery views site/box down. I have not had any visits for about three week ?
  11. mj007

    1500 Images.

    It has taken me six years to reach 1500 images online at SS and nearly 16,000 downloads. I love this job.....
  12. Bible. http://submit.shutterstock.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=122124&highlight=bible And where did you get a copy of the DOI it is probably copyrighted as well. Public Domain Content We do not accept public domain content, including but not limited to scans of or head-on photographs of public domain artwork. We also do not accept public domain footage. So BB you are saying the word Holy Bible is copyrighted and the DOI also is copyrighted?
  13. Just got this rejection.Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights. The copy right I guess is Declaration of American independence 1776. Could the reviewers maybe be from China ?
  14. Don't laugh. This will be a dumb question for most. I am going to start uploading video clips. My camera is a Nikon D800E. I think the video comes out H264. Can I just upload straight from this Nikon's cameras file or do I need to changed to some other format. If I need to change format what is easiest way to convert file...thank you for your knowledge...Scott
  15. I went to PDN conference this last week in NYC. Shutterstock had a booth at the conference. I visited with two lovely ladies from SS. They asked me how I liked SS, I replied that SS has a real problem reviewing photos as of late.I then told them that SS is not consistent reviewing photos for the the last year or so. The ladies of SS just smiled and said SS is always concerned about contributors issues. They did say that SS is working on many good changes in the near future. I ask if Scott was at the show. They said he was on a China trip. No real answers about reviewing but SS is clearly aware of issues. SS seams to have very nice folks working for them in NYC.
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