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  1. Same for me too. Image id 2018567609 approved on 3rd of August but still not visible in my library so I can not delete it, upload again or view it..
  2. Well, try the website upload then. I have no idea what else might be the problem. Hopefully they answer you back soon!
  3. When uploading with FileZilla wait till the end ( upload 1 clip for example ) and see what it says at the very end. It should throw an error message just before starting to automatically upload again. This will tell you were you should look for the problem - if its on your side or on shutterstock side.
  4. How many clips do you upload at a time? Try no more than 2-3 and see what happens. It might be upload limit ( number of clips ) issue. Also how heavy they are? Also if you use proxy or vpn that also can cause interruptions. I had this issue with another agency and the problem was the number of clips uploading at the same time.
  5. I had similar issues before. In my case it was that the password was saved by default and when connecting I had to manually disable that option and put my password each time I upload otherwise it refused to connect. If you look at older post you can find mine regarding that issue. I use FileZilla. Anyway this is no longer the case but since there is an option to upload directly through the web portal I do that and it works fine. My suggestion is try FileZilla as it gives exactly what is the reason for the problem.
  6. If I had nature all around me like in your case I would invest in a drone and start taking aerial footage which is still selling very well and in demand. Also dont underestimate the 3d part of your portfolio. Just have a look what is in demand like Archviz, Science and Medicine. Good Luck!
  7. That should not be a problem for shutterstock since when you upload an image that might be similar to a previously uploaded one they immediately reject it. So, yes they know if similar images exist. Probably the time it will take for a reviewer to go through 10-20 pages of similar content every time would be a cost problem. I guess the algorithm they have in place is not yet that smart to point to exact copies only. But of course this is not an excuse.
  8. It is fixed now at least for me.
  9. thanks, I guess it will be fixed soon
  10. I just noticed that pretty much all of the information is missing on my contributor page ( see screen shot ). It happened just after uploading an animation via the webpage, everything was fine then after upload finished it went blank. I checked both on Desktop ( two different comps ) and mobile, safari and chrome - it is the same .... blank. Is it just me or a global problem?
  11. It just look very suspicious that one is not able to see upfront what they actually offer but you have to sign for a package...and the "secret" chat on Telegram. Anyway, someone actually did sign for a package to see what is all about and he raised the alarm that this is something on the piracy side. Hopefully Shutterstock will look into this.
  12. I know that MotionArray are looking into this as they dont use other platforms for resale.
  13. If that is the case then is this legal by any standard: "You can, however, you need to ask support to explain the multiple access procedure to you."
  14. Dear Shutterstock Team are you aware of this "offer" https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fdesignstockbrasil.com.br%2F ?! Apparently it is not only Shittestock but this should be taken action upon.
  15. well, I guess whoever is in charge of taking contributors opinion then.
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