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  1. I'm living on money from Adobe and Shutterstock Premier )))
  2. Guy is new in Shutterstock )))
  3. Will be no payment in June, sorry ;)))
  4. A lot of companies using CDN Servers, for transfers same ___ 15th it's for critical situations as it. Usually payment come between 4-8th
  5. Don't you know ShutterStock? )))))
  6. It was DDoS attack of severs. So payment can be delayed until Friday or Monday, I thing
  7. What Ha-ha? Application have no limit in upload.
  8. why not? StockSubmitter and go
  9. it's simple, you have to delete and re-create an account every 180 day. Shutterstock bot show to customers new accounts and images.
  10. Может этот рейтинг только для россиян, увы я такого не вижу
  11. Because is Shutterstock, what do you waiting for?
  12. Because you will be get it all time, 0,11$. Ranking system is a fake
  13. Did you notice that Shutterstock changed the algorithm again and new photos are not sold?
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