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  1. My schedule of changes in income 2020-2021. And on Adobe, revenues are growing and at the moment, it brings in more money (with fewer sales) than SS.
  2. Well, the moment has come when Adobe brought more profit than SS ...
  3. If so, then we can say that is "the end of SS"
  4. Summing up: SS from the leading site, in just a year, turned into a mediocre stock, the second echelon. I have Adobe in the lead. What the SS achieved: made the sale of the EPS-10 vector unprofitable, turned away professional authors, forced the authors to upload here in the last place (giving preference to Adobe and Deposit). Congratulations to the company on hiring "effective managers." I wonder if they will be able to paint and shoot in the same way as the departed authors? [sarcasm]
  5. I looked at my own statistics and found that my income fell to the level of 2008-2009 (time when I started selling here). I also noted that lately, I have been uploading less content to the SS and more to the AS (the lower the income falls, the less I am interested in uploading here) On some forums, the SS has already been buried and are thinking about where it is better to sell now.
  6. Having looked at the sales of recent months, I distributed the stocks according to the degree of profitability: 1. Adobe-stock 2. Depositphotos 3. Shutterstock I understand that what SS has done is very beneficial for them, but in the long term, it threatens to reduce new uploads. And together with the sending system (I no upload send the EPS-10 to the SS, due to restrictions), plans for the future of the resource become incomprehensible.
  7. After this approach, the SS promise to pay extra to authors for attracting buyers looks like a mockery. I will NEVER invite a buyer to this resource! Everyone I work with gets a recommendation from me to buy on the Adobe.
  8. The next step of the SS will be 100% commission from the author and the collection of fees from the authors for posting our works on their site.))))
  9. In honor of the New Year and Christmas, I would like to wish all directors of company SS, something warm: for example, hellfire. After all, it was through their efforts that my earnings fell several times over the past half year.
  10. It's time to admit that SS has turned from microstock to nanostock
  11. At first they made a vector loading form, in which it became impossible to load complex works, now this pricing policy ... I want to know what kind of idiot manages these processes? Do companies need money?
  12. So-so stock has become. Mediocre. Shipping to Adobe is more productive. Apparently the time has come for the SS to ended.
  13. SS for me fell to the bottom. It makes no sense to upload to it. It's a pity. It was a good stock.
  14. Guys, you all think the current losses, but it would be worth thinking that from January 1, everyone will be dropped to the minimum level and your income will be reduced many times.
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