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  1. My email hasn’t been hacked because my earnings are still showing. Tax form is up to date, my only notification is to download my latest tax form which is nothing to do with updating my details.
  2. I as over my payment threshold last month and SS have still not initiated payment. I can't see any way of manually doing this. Anyone else had this problem ?
  3. SS have stopped initiating payment, despite me achieving revenue over my set payment threshold. I can't see any way of initiating payment here. My tax forms are up to date so why no payment ?
  4. Scrappy, crappy piddling 10 cent sales is unsustainable. I am now earning less than a quarter of what I used to earn here. Very very unfair to us contributors.
  5. Scrappy, crappy 10 or 11 cent pathetic sales.
  6. So why have I had an 11 cent sale ?
  7. So I go up to level 2 earnings this month and yet my sales are still going for 10 cents. Confused. 🤔
  8. Yes I see it now, I was looking at the top right hand corner with the world graphic and my monthly earnings. I am on level 4.
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