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  1. Its pretty much over for earning in stock media. We need an artist revolution!
  2. 34 cents for my videos. What an insult imagine what I could have earned from those not so long ago. Dire. Depressing. Unethical. Greedy
  3. Tiny weeny tiddling 10 cent amounts for my, and others hard work. Daylight robbery!
  4. Utter utter crap. Looks like 2 rolling months I won't make payout because of corporate greed cutting us down more and more.
  5. First non payout in years and years because SS decided that my images are only worth 10 cents. And yet the greedy, corporate fat cats get fatter on other people's talent, time and money spent. Utterly utterly utterly depressing!
  6. Utterly utterly Utterly utterly Utterly utterly Utterly utterly CRAP of the highest order.
  7. With even scrappier, crappier prices per sale, and crap sales in general its a fast race to the bottom. Meanwhile, the SS corporate fat cats get fatter and fatter.
  8. Crap sales for even crappier prices. Racing right to the bottom.
  9. Dear SS, if you continue to sell my video clips for cents I will pull them all.
  10. I just got 0.26 for a video sale. Utterly taking the pee. Enough is enough, time to pull all video clips and go exclusive with Pond5
  11. 0.26 cents for a video sale. Thieves can steal them for that price. Thats enough, I am pulling all my clips.
  12. Are you pulling your clips ? I think its time to say enough is enough. Utter corporate greed. If everyone pulled their work and opened a cooperative site, with our chosen prices, we could at least take back control.
  13. $1.49 for a video clip ? ? ? ? ? Ss, you are an absolute joke. Soon to pull all my videos if this is the new pricing.
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