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  1. And using stock footage saves them A LOT of cash from the old way of getting their stock footage, and/or searching through their own huge database of footage. Seeing as it is the BBC, I presume they are under the same reduced budgets year after year like the ABC in Australia... but salaries go up for the top people.
  2. I had a quick look at your portfolio, the most popular images seem to be travel related... I am sure the current global situation for travel related work, sales, photos is way down. When the travel industry, and a country like Australia re-opens fully for travel, one would expect a boom in travel related images and videos. I also make custom book covers, fantasy and such, high detailed work. As so many people were/are at home during these troubles times, business is booming for self-published book covers... original covers I make, and people who buy one or two stock images to put on their cover.
  3. There seems to be quite a difference in experiences over at AS. No idea why... hmm... or could it be illustrations vs photos? Or vectors... Not much we can do about it though. None of my uploads there are time sensitive, so any delay doesn't really matter. It is just nice to see your portfolio grow quickly, and of course hope something new sells too, to give you confidence in your work.
  4. Not for me... but I have been with Adobe (Folio before that) since 2008. My I don't upload much in the past year, but my uploads only take a day or two to get approved. Perhaps they are giving preference to the people who have been with them a long time. They most probably are getting swamped with new people uploading thousands at a time this past month. My AS sales have gone up in leaps and bounds the past 1-2 years, with only half the port here.
  5. Oh.. he negotiated to not submit and more less artistic content he shoots only from a standing position looking downwards? 😉
  6. Yep! The larger the subscription, the less you get... and don't forget, from January 1st you will be bak to level 1. However, with your large portfolio you will soon be back at level 6... and still getting 10c...
  7. He went to inspect his bunker under SS headquarters...
  8. Yes, that is the reason... I have been following their stock since debut, but didn't buy any as the "race to the bottom" in pricing and largest sub-par catalogue had started. The only income SS gets to pay the executives and the stock holders is from the work we the contributors do... to treat them so badly, yet want them to upload more high quality stock... what kind of fool things that is a rational business plan?
  9. Oh.. like this: https://www1.salary.com/SHUTTERSTOCK-INC-Executive-Salaries.html And screen shots from another website... look how low the ranking is... Let's see how long it lasts...
  10. You must also be a very good cook. The food looks amazing! I am hungry now!
  11. I have been watching SS shares since they listed... and as there are so many... how many contributors have enough combined income to buy at least 100 million dollars in value to get their ideas heard? Their shares are pretty bad... but if you bought them, then complained about this... shares price would fall... you would have then lost your money.
  12. People are already doing that... lots of pissed off contributors are writing negative reviews. Shutterstoci is now hiring paid reviews from India or that area to write positive reviews.
  13. No.. don't bend over for to make that change.... that is what they would want at the very least.
  14. OK... you need WAY better photos and topics. Google/Youtube how to improve your photography, and stock photprawgy tips. You have a few photos of a 'coffee cup'.. are they better than: "2,974,812 Coffee cup stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free" that are here already? You have 5 phots of flowers of varying quality.... are they better than: "18,745,436 flower stock photos and photography are available royalty-free" You can become a big seller of stock.. but these days you have to work extra hard and have SO much competition. You live in Turkey , look for unique and original things in Turkey, and learn to take the best photos you can with your camera.
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