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  1. Sad but true... expect for those who run the company, not the staff/suppliers etc.
  2. I am level 5... most are 10c and 11c... such is life.
  3. Me too!! Considering I have been using Adobe software since a student in 1998... about time! LOL... But I don't do video... so I cant get the full suite for free. I need InDesign, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator especially for other work I do too. But at least their stock income covers my subscription price.
  4. I had about 65-75% of my sales in June as SOD and ODD... this month about 10% of my sales so far. Everything else is under 20c.
  5. Yep... sam with Tokyo in Japan... Bangkok in Thailand... the name of the country(protectorate) is Guam! etc etc etc etc.... ridiculous.
  6. Me too...but opposite months. June was Great... my subs went from about 70% of my downloads to only 35%. From July 1st sales DIED! halfway through July and Have 60 downloads... and sales down 80% of value. July is looking to be my worst month ever in almost a decade... back when I had 400 things in my portfolio. Crazy situation... but see how it goes. Need a few months to see if it evens out...
  7. When submitting editorial you need the names and places, and the accepted name that is used in English is fine for this. The problem is the reviewers... consistent and always changing rejection reasons... yet same thing gets accepted if you submit it enough times... because there is nothing wrong.
  8. Yeah... the reviewers themselves seem to not be native English speakers... get that rejection too... Despite the crap being uploaded these days, I cant get almost anything uploaded on the first try this year due to ridiculous rejections. - I had a TON of rejections or wanting a model release on cartoon illustrations I did on my iPad. - As well as rejections for out of focus.. LOL... I used a 'paint brush' so of course the edges between colors were not smooth... not a crispy clean vector. DOH!! - Patent infringement on an illustration of a ship from the 1860's... - told to remove the word 'vector' when it is not in the keywords or description etc. And so on....
  9. Oh.. bummer you didn't see the whole show. I often exit the front of the stage, and watch from the side of the pit... often they let the media do this, as they may be also writing about the show. At least you got to shoot it. AC is a cool show!! I know/known quite a few of his band members over the years. Were Chuck Garlic and Ryan Roxie in the band this year? Great guys! KISS shows... all lenses are good. At the Budokan, I have gone to the back, up into the stands... 2nd or 3rd floor and shot parts of the show as well, as I know what is coming up. Gene LOVES the shots from there as he breathes fire from his sword. A different angle from normal and get his entire body in the shots... Some of my photos here http://www.rockandrollallnite.com
  10. Bummer on the AC... he is so cool to shoot. but here.. there was no 'pit' so we were WAY up the back.. thankfully big bands have very bright stage lights, so my Canon 70-200m 2.8, or my 150-500mm sigma worked wonders. Yes, KISS... not sure which photos of mine you saw.. my website? I have been photographing them, and current and former members since about 2003. Revamped my rock star website a few years ago.. but only got to go back until about 2013... a decade or so of photos still need to be added to the new gallery format.. if I ever get time. But we work with KISS and co... and they do wanna come back to Australia to make up for the cancelled late 2019 tour. I did see them in Japan after that... and I was in Australia for the KISS tour.. but I enjoy being home anyway. So fingers crossed... KISS will be back in OZ. if they do... Shoot me a message. I will see if I can get you a pass for Adelaide.
  11. If you get accepted to the elite of special editorial and the "regular"... well... some people poop in a hole... some have a gold toilet. But it is not what you know... but who you know...
  12. My goodness!!! what is this "internet" you talk of? Sounds like poppy-cock and somewhat blasphemous! I think sir, you need to hang garlic over the entrance of your home. Throw salt over your shoulder three times and spin in an anti-clockwise circle for 30 seconds. Begone with your ninkum-poop nonsense!
  13. There are a few thousand comments about this in the announcements part of the forum. Basically... everyone gets 10C unless you are very lucky.
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