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  1. Mine was deleted, too. In the middle ages, they could have whipped us, but now they have only removed the objectionable avatar. Glory to democracy and freedom of speech!
  2. "We don't see that in the data. but ok"........ It seemed to me, judging by the answers, that artificial intelligence was answering to contributors. Have you ever communicated with artificial intelligence on websites?
  3. Of course, I know that they do not pay us, but sell our work and we get royalties for it. I'm white, but I'm starting to feel like a black man working on a slave owner's plantation in the 19th century. Many, many years ago, I believed shatterstock's promises that if I earned $ 10,000, I would start getting a minimum of $ 0.38 per download. I didn't think it was enough, but I agreed. And now they tell me that everything, it's all canceled, now there are new rules. Come on, slave, work for $ 0.10 for downloading your work. If you work hard, like the Jews in slavery to the Egyptians in the Bible, you will get more. But where will more come from? Work four times as much, 24 hours a day, 31 days a month. Sleep, eat at your workplace. All this is just a hopeful lie.
  4. Quite interestingly, last winter I also developed a system of levels for myself, how to upload images on different stocks. Shutterstock and the other two stocks were number one in this system. Then there were other stocks, where I uploaded a month after Shutterstock. The lower the price for my images were paid at a certain stock, the later I uploaded images on such stock. 10 cents per image, um, this is the fifth level in my system. I'm uploading a year later than level one and a limited number of images. But now Shutterstock itself has taken this fifth level for me. But it warned me about it just a couple of days before that innovation. It's not fair!
  5. Shutterstock, you've got something wrong. This is not the middle ages. Each of us has the freedom to leave you. All of us are free people, not slaves. It's sad to see my deactivated portfolio disappear, but you left me no choice!
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