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  1. Then you will recognize here I think: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-38104624/stock-photo-sunrise-with-bamboo-boat-at-yangshuo-on-the-li-river-china.html Ha! I've been there twice, never met a good wheather. It's getting harder and harder to take landscape photos in China, including cold north and clear west of China
  2. Chinese and English, a very very little French.
  3. I'm the monkey:) so what characeristics should we have then? I don't know too much about this, but it seems saying that roosters are proud, accurate. The monkeys are active and some times bad. I'm sure the people from some places in north China believe the Monkeys and Roosters are not supposed to get married, because one Chinese idiom saying: Scaring the monkey by killing rooster. So, they hate each other:) But don't believe this, I know many many peoples under these two years are married.
  4. Haha, dragon is OK too. The year after tiger is rabbit, and then it's the year of Dragon. So it's not far away.
  5. Chinese New Year is coming. It's on February 14, which put many “couples†in dilemma. I wish everybody in SS a great and prosperous Year of Tiger! Tian Zhan
  6. Traveling photography sales goes up and down all the times. Unless you want to be exclusive there, don't give it up here, be patient. Cheers.
  7. Twice here, and thousands of times secretly.
  8. right! but in fact I think you will need a lot of work, and I guess you won't make 25k in less than 2 years.. depend on what you are shooting! Microstock photography is a very good test for patience, and we need to wait the portfolio getting bigger and better. My first year is not that bad and I think in 5 years it will be very decent.
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