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  1. US hospitals are on alert. We are trying to help as information becomes available. From a laboratory perspective!
  2. Thank you Laurin! I may have found an Epson that will work for my needs!
  3. I am looking for something that will scan images 8X10 and film negatives. Any help is appreciated.
  4. It will hopefully be a reunion Mike. I would love to see you there with us!
  5. I'm hoping too be there Marlene, but due to family commitments, I can't confirm just yet. Thanks Jane! I hope to see you again!
  6. Great talking to you tonight Laurin! I am in and will send you the information you asked for as soon as possible via e-mail. Just curious…is Jane coming too?
  7. Thanks for remembering me Jeff! Tried a few times to chat with you on Skype but seems we are never there at the same time Thank you also to everyone else for the Birthday wishes. It means a lot when I have been absent lately.
  8. Found out it was all related to a file someone sent me...
  9. Sales come and they go...I will continue to upload here and elsewhere because someone once gave me some amazing advice about photography that I will never forget. It is the art and the love of the image. One AMAZING image at a time is all you need.
  10. Thank you for the info! I will try this I am not sure of all of them that have this issue. I have a hard drive full of stuff and just figured out that my problem with deleting them is stemming from the fact that I unknowingly locked them in camera, and put them on the hard drive to review in my software....now I am getting error messages when deleting entire folders because of this. If I knew then what I know now...LOL Thanks again...I always appreciate the knowledge of the people here.
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