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  1. I just got message from *****, they INCREASE royalty by 10% starting June. This in not an advertisement, I just show how some company care.
  2. This is a petition. Don't need an explanation of meaning.
  3. 929 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
  4. The chances of achieving this sale are less than the chances of the origin of life on Earth without the intervention of the mind.
  5. The pack of cigarettes in NYC costs $14. So I have to quit drawing.
  6. I think nobody can answer. Just let's wait till June 1.
  7. I think they estimate a commercial value also when put "similar". Anyway I see nothing wrong with your pictures. Probably, the horizontal stretched orientations are confused.
  8. Is it a real clip-art if alone eps of it is more than 20-30 Mp? No. It's not professional vector. Or it's clip-art collection with no limit of its weights, could be 2Gb, 5 Gb etc. So be honest and say you are selling collection as an one image and that's why you are against of good idea with no preview uploads or megabytes limits.
  9. I understand problems for those who draw vector 'lights". But for me new rules look JUST PERFECT. I draw mostly shapes with no effects and do not use metadata.
  10. Shutterstock <noreply@shutterstock.com> Aug 29 (3 days ago) to me Feliks Kogan, We have removed the following images that you uploaded. The scissors with brass knuckles (34071070) deleted because: Removed as courtesy due to potential, future issues for customers Regards, ShutterStock Support
  11. You may contact with that magazine and ask a receipt of their purchase. Probably you may sue them.
  12. I assure you all that observed the reviewer it is true. Just find bitmaps and remove or recreate the parts in vector. Also unlock anything. Keep swatch of pattern in swatch panel but expand a visible artwork. Also try to flatten all layers if you don't need them.
  13. The only answer you exported not the jpeg, but PNG-format, by mistake. So you got resoution 72.
  14. Looks nice but why the center so empty? It's probably good as a template but in that case I wood type some words in the middle as a sample.
  15. My recent submitted artwork as a correction of already existed and in sale clip-art was rejected. I attached the source, the image from my gallery, with watermark and number on it, but got told "IT'S NOT ENOUGH". That ridiculous happen first time for 7 years I am here.
  16. It means "not nice". I saw your samples there are all three have bad layout. An example, the roses, left and right side of wreath are very different, but must represent a "heart" shape.
  17. I think this is a very advanced technique -- how to select objects in vector artwork, by shape, by group or by path in the process of creation. You may change for sure selection tool, there are 3 types of "arrows", but beside that -- something else.
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