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  1. I think AS is a hard nut to crack Patrick. I am not casting any doubts on the integrity of the reviewers but more the security of the system, there are protocols in place for the IDs for banking etc. That is a different system to the MRs that stay on file. They are not allowed to keep the IDs on file legally so how do they handle the ones that come with the MR ... if they are attached to the MR in one scan .... then that is a lot of information ....all in one place ... I wasnt keen on providing the ID in the first place ... I am certainly not going to provide it with a MR ... as I said n
  2. Sari, could adjust to the full name requirement, but I am NOT going to submit and ID to what is essentially an insecure area. It was pointed out to me that they dont keep the ID on file so what happens when it is submitted via the MR area. We have no idea how trustworthy/honest the inspectors are, having a steady stream of IDs could make identity theft a real possibility, Now way says I! Have fun with the rain Patrick hopefully the flood gates are open for you! Have confidence in yourself!
  3. Well done Patrick, I dont sell much on AS but the returns are way better on there than here. I dont do vid .... I have never had a problem with the MR before here so I was really surprised. Anyway I have just deleted the rest of the images from my "upload" folder. I wont be bothering with any more released images here. It is not worth the angst to be honest. I have sold a few of the MR selfies before ... I wont share as they have all been health related, with nasty infections. etc Sheila this week is the first time I have been eligible for a shot. I have to make an appointment. AZ is my
  4. That is what I thought too Sheila, good luck with your "models". Good luck with the stove stuff too, Steven I am with you. The number of silly rejections etc for pathetic income does not enthuse me. The rejections are haphazard at best ....
  5. I had to replace our oven last year ... finding one the right size and the configuration we wanted was a challenge, good luck on the research. I just had a new one, my self portrait MR got rejected. So I asked why. The reply "The model release attached is not acceptable as we require the full names of the photographer, model, and witness (If the photographer is the same model, you will also need to submit an ID with your photo). " So the witness was only initials, surname and signature (what the witness was inclined to offer) ... never a problem before ... and I cant find
  6. Sorry to hear that Sheila ... they are so cute Sari I would not have dogs for a couple of reasons, I prefer to have the wildlife, we are allergic to them, no fences and paralysis ticks are an ever present threat.
  7. I have seen the wallabies manage to get into them and the bush turkeys just fly over its a challenge lol
  8. Wow fabulous vid Sari, great to see. Sheila, my biggest issue is animals digging up plants, between wallabies, bush turkeys and bandicoots ... plants dont have much chance.
  9. Sympathies Sari, but at least you did not lose them all. That is so cool that the pack is looking after the lame coyote.
  10. Another cool vid Sari, glad you were able to rescue them Sheila I didnt realise that the GS was on the edge of the spectrum. I think all kids are picky eaters at that age lol. I want to get some rosemary ... the challenge will be keeping bigger stuff than slugs out it lol The similar police annoy the crud out of me as half the time the images are not similar at all!
  11. Happy Mother's Day to all who do mothering duties, lol on your GS Sheila! Kids do the funniest things!
  12. Argh after not submitting for a while because I was sulking, I tried submitting, firstly the FTPS would not connect and then the model release was rejected ... seriously for dime sale I dont know why I bother!!! The model release is the same format I have used before.... then I sent a support ticket in and got a person called Kevin who is not an employee etc etc etc about as useful as mammary glands on a male bovine!!! I think I will go back to sulking again, I dont need that angst!
  13. Sheila it would bne nice if the guidelines were the same in each country ... we dont get a choice of which shot we get, though AZ is not approved for anyone under 50. The kittens are very cute. Ooooh another grandbaby to cuddle As for looking terrible in shorts, I hear ya, but wear them anyway! Charles, ouch, that is good that you could go and help your SIL, I bet she appreciates the work in the garden. The longer she stays off that foot the better I think.
  14. Yes it is the AZ ... there is a limited supply at this stage ... The Pfizer one I think is only 2 weeks They are the only 2 approved here at this stage. Sheila I hope the kittens are healthier .... having sick animals is stressful.
  15. Have been busy as well. Today was running around to appointments with the spousal unit! I still have not managed to get my butterfly garden growing, the animals keep digging up my soil building exercises. That is a beautiful bird Sari! As for Covid, the spousal unit and the father have had their first shot, Next one is 12 weeks from the first. I can get one mid May "if" there is any supply and "if" they dont change their minds on eligibility etc.
  16. crazy weather!!!! Well done on the tier achievements Sheila
  17. The AI review bot needs re-educating totally I think .... I am glad I dont have animals inside ... (not counting the spiders and house geckos)
  18. I do understand ... my sewing machine (one of the newer variety) does not like thick stuff, it keeps complaining the presser foot is not down. Hopefully the serger is ok:)
  19. Brrrrrrrrrrrr Sari .... Whoops on locking up the serger Sheila. mine has had a few of those sessions Hopefully you didnt bend something.
  20. Sheila you can create hot house conditions with cling wrap or soda bottles over the plants .... good luck with them Yes we do seem to lose the good ones all the time!
  21. Oh I did not know that Kate had left, that is sad Cute cat Sari!
  22. I dont have a good backup system in place either ... Like you Sari I want one where I could just plug and play and keep going ... I am not as diligent as I should be with it!
  23. Oh Sari my sympathies ... that is enough to make you want to jump off a cliff
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