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  1. Yes it was a big move considering I have been here since 2008, but I was getting too stressed.
  2. Sounds like you are really in the swing of it now Sheila!
  3. Weird .. maybe he thought your were showing someone doing illegal burnouts or something. I have closed my contributor account here, still on the forum it seems.
  4. I took the off one by one as Sheila said. My anxiety levels were going through the roof so I am better away from here. If the answer on Twitter is to just remove the post then that shows the attitude. It's not a problem if no-one acknowledges it. I was sad to leave but cant keep going when it was making me physically sick. MrS I dont do heavy editing for AS and my sales there are starting to improve. Quantity is not as big but income is way better than here. Sheila the reason I spread my assets around was so I was not heavily invested in one site, I got burned when I dabble
  5. MrS they had a different financial model 2 years ago and then they changed. They are making profit off our work.
  6. As there has been no response from HQ I can only surmise that this place is no longer a safe venue to work. I have removed all my images from the platform (it took a few days of constant work), once my payment goes through I will close my account. I am not prepared to stay where security is not a priority!
  7. That is quite a selection Sheila, well done. On other news I now have no images left with SS.
  8. I have nearly finished removing all my assets from SS .... this treatment of the people who make them their money is just not acceptable!
  9. Me version of cooking a cake is swiping the credit card these days lol
  10. Already doing it, the unwillingness to do anything about it and the fact that there are clickbait ads on the dashboard shows me that this place is no longer professional. Greedy money takers with no respect for the people who earn them their money! I am not prepared to stay in a place that treats its content providers like flotsam! The spam is getting worse ...
  11. Sheila, raccoons can carry rabies cant they? Definitely not something you want in the house. What was the rally about? Smoke can add eerie atmosphere to scenes that are common.
  12. MrS, the company has always been ethical, I am not sure what has gone on recently that has changed things. I am not sure that past employee reviews can give a good picture of what is happening! We know that other companies have been hacked at various times, the lack of word from the minions in charge is concerning at this time.
  13. it may be separate Patrick but we dont know what details are on the server .... anyway for my own peace of mind I am out of here for now! I dont need this stress!
  14. to be honest if this keeps going, for my own security I will leave SS ... I sent a message on FB, no answer there either ....
  15. I know, and that does not bode well for the security of the site as a whole! I makes me want to ditch SS altogether as I cant trust their security right now
  16. I didnt open any of them Sheila, I figured they would be full of spyware. It was in one of the threads making a comment about spammers, so one of the spammers actually replied .... unless SS cleans the forum up they are leaving themselves wide open to who knows what! Cool on getting pics at the presser, I avoid things like that, too many people! Patrick I dont think he was joking, it doesnt mean that he would do it though. I am disgusted that the forum is left so unprotected!
  17. OMG one of the spammers was asking for $3K a month to make the spamming stop! Obviously thinks we are all rolling in money ... dipstick!
  18. gee really ... do I hear blackmail here? I think you are barking up the wrong tree!
  19. What concerns me is that if spam is running rampant what is happening with data protection ,,, SS seems to be going even further down the gurgler!
  20. I hope your son copes well Sheila ... it will be a big change.
  21. it sounds like a fun little safari .... is there a time line for when the campus will reopen?
  22. Yes the broken clavicle was very painful, like you Sheila I was in a figure 8 bandage, I believe they dont do that any more. I went over the handle bars on my bike quite a few times, didnt break anything from that though. I think the reality is most people are nice, we just hear more about the not so nice ones Count your blessings Patrick, no broken bone is fun that is for sure cool stop motion! Wow Sari that does not sound good, possible a bit like my Dad's leg break, his has actually not healed. I can remember one of my girlfriends going horse riding, the beast had a mean s
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