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  1. I dont blame you ... either that or hubby gets a dedicated work connection
  2. The only video online I saw actually doesnt show the exact moment that the "punch" tooks place. He has been charged, will let the courts make the decision. It odes not alter the fact that he is a "moron" to be honest! The only way to stop a contagious virus is to not have a pathway of contagion .... that is not rocket science. If people did the right thing at the start we would not be in this global situation now. It certainly wont be the last virus that emerges that has the potential to become a pandemic. Sheila I agree, get the dng converter. I have had a problem with Photoshop no
  3. I am hoping he does get slammed .. not sure what the law is on it, but I am guessing it would be the same as punching the police. I hope they rough him up real well before he is charged! He needs to be named and shamed that is for sure! apparently a couple of them got charged .... look at his singlet, shows his attitude! I applaud the photographer who got the shot!
  4. lol Sari, I cant say I blame him! MrSorbias ... that whale has been asleep on m brain for quite some time. Sheila I admire that you cover protests, I wont go anywhere near them. We had big protests yesterday in the cities, I get that people dont want to lock down, but then to go to a protest, without a mask etc ... they can play with their own health as much as they like, but they are messing with vulnerable people. Then one "A$$HOLE" punched a policeman's horse. As far as I am concerned anyone who does that needs to be locked up for life, he hurt the innocent horse and endange
  5. Mr Sorbias, Editorial has always been "Royalty Free", that is the contract that you buy under, the license is "Editorial Use Only" as opposed to "Creative Use". Royalty Free just means that a fee is paid once and the use does not incur ongoing royalty payments. Sheila they shut down the centres here too, as well as other support mechanisms. It is sad when people who need help cant get it and rich people play on the edge of space in a phallic symbol shaped space ship. I have no problem with them being rich or spending their money but it seems that priorities are all wrong somehow.
  6. good grief that does not sound good at all, being homeless can happen to anyone but to act in that appalling manner does not help people think well of them.
  7. wow Sheila do those trailers belong the homeless? It seems homeless are a new breed now. Here we are getting a professional homeless because rentals are in such short supply, professional people are finding it hard to get any form of accommodation when they move into an area. Landlords are being picky about tenants, no animals, no kids, couples only etc.
  8. Those traps are awful, When we need to catch animals we use a humane trap that wont hurt them and that includes the feral pigs. Then we get the wild animals relocated or in the case of the pigs they are dispatched humanely. Those leg traps are barbaric!
  9. We had Chinese the other day ... hubby and I actually went to eat out .... could bring home the leftovers as we were going to see a band at the pub. Hubby had shares left him by his parents ... I think he bought some as well. But he left it too late to get out of some of them and they went down substantially ... we dont hold any in our own name now. Our Superannuation accounts (I think they are like your 40K accounts) invests in shares ... but we only decide what sort of investment strategy not what they invest in. This is a good thing because left to my skills there would be nothing in t
  10. Great compilation Sari .... Sheila I guess most people dont sell with new stuff unless they know they can recoup the money in the sale. Or of course you do the installs for your own comfort and convenience at the time. I used to be able to do all appliance installs etc ... these days I prefer to pay someone who can do it easier and faster than me Cute kitten .... do polydactyls have other health issues besides extra digits? Years ago my hubby wanted to get into share trading, so we went and tried to learn how to do it, then we did paper trading (not real) for a while, any
  11. shares can be a bit hot and miss to be honest .. we lost heaps on ours because we left it too late to cash out
  12. It sounds like the pezo is dying Sheila, I worked with that for a long time (lighting it with a gas lighter) till the burners rusted out and then figured it was a safety hazard! My earnings have dropped so much that they dont even pay for anything interesting any more.
  13. Wow Sheila your tradies know how to charge like wounded bulls! Hi Jeff good to see you Heide slow dls are a given for me.
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