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  1. Glad to hear Jasmine is still around and ok .... you will have to let is know how your son feels about the kitten next week ...
  2. Patrick love the dolphins ... as for Coober Pedy. Airfairs have gone up horrendously in the last 6 months because of the dreaded virus and travel resrictions. I would definitely think about a road trip for 2 reasons. You have your own transport when you get there and are not held down by a tour itinerary, and the second reason is that you can stop and look at things on the road trip itself. Book accommodation there and you are good to go. Imagine staying in an underground B&B! I am not a big fan of coach trips as i always feel cramped. Debbie as Sheila says, we spoke via Skype ages ago, but we mostly interact here, because many of us have been on this thread for years we "know" each other quite well. I think of it as the office water cooler. Where we all take a break and have chit-chat. In fact a few of us were on the thread that this one replaced when SS broke the old one lol. Some of us are regulars (forum junkies lol) and others come and go ... Oh Sheila the poor baby ... I am glad it came out. I hope Jasmine turns up. It is always a concern when the furbabies go missing. It sounds like your son wants the baby! I know where the other names came from, where does the name "Casey" come from? lol on hubby rolling his eyes!
  3. Sari well done on the coyote clip selling for actual dollars. Fabulous storm ... I dont see them rolling in here ... Charles we have whale watching in Australia, that was what I was describing. As for sharks, I had an experience on Fraser Island, we could see a school of fish in the white water, then sharks came into the white water ... they were in 18 inches of water ... then the dolphins came and the sharks left, then the dolphins left and the sharks came back. I dont know what sort of sharks, but I realised why they advised not to go swimming over there. We travelled up round the headland and there were fishermen up to their waists in water fishing ... crazy people ... Sheila, getting seasick is a bummer ... I get motion sickness in cars (and when I went sky diving ... once ... never again). Thankfully I dont get seasick. Sympathies on the CC mess, a good reason not just to have one card. Glad to hear that you were vindicated on the Mama cat situation. That kitten is cute. Patrick, Coober Pedy is on my bucket list, we were supposed to go there a couple of years ago, but Dad had a fall and we had to cut our trip short. I have been to a few other opal mining places and they all have their own personalities. Sari ... I know in QLD the occupational health and safety regulations means that holes have to have safety hatches on top now. They had a few people fall in (as well as animals lol)
  4. It is amazing to see, isnt it ... so awe inspiring, well done on getting 3 shots
  5. Patrick I missed we were talking about the same thing .. woops How wonderful to see the whale, I have only seen them on whale watching tours. That was fabulous fun, especially when one swam under the boat. The tour I did with Dad there were so many people seasick that Dad and I went up the top of the boat outside or the smell would have made us sick too. I did not think it was even rough weather lol! The first tour I did I was busy taking pictures and all of a sudden I hear clunk, clunk, clunk, splash ... someone dropped their camera overboard .... never to be seen again!
  6. Sheila I hear what you are saying about being scattered ... Patrick we were pretty much virus free in Queensland, till today ... apparently some teenagers who lied about where they came from and then did not quarantine as they were supposed to, tested positive and have passed it around and TPTB are now doing contact checking. If someone dies because of their stupidity, then I hope they get charged with at least causing grievous bodily harm. People like that are just going to cause us to have restrictions for longer. Did you see the woman in Victoria who tried to get into Bunnings and was told she could not enter without a mask, she said it did not apply to her. When told that it did unless she had a medical certificate, she said they were discriminating against her. Then threatened to sue the retail worker personally. There are some bush lawyers around.
  7. Sari I do not understand why people are not taking this virus seriously. The reality is that nobody has immunity to it so the only way to stamp it out is to stop the spread. The cold is taking a bit of recovering, nearly 2 weeks now. Poor Dad is not well at all and at 87 that is always a cause for concern. The probability is that it is something like this that will take him out as his lungs are crappy! Awesome on getting some rain, hope you get enough of the right sort that does good. Patrick I am not seeing many caterpillars of any sort right now. The weather has been weird and not conducive to breeding. As for Covid-stupid ... its not just into SA. The actions of people coming north have been stupid too. We have had 200 people who were supposed to be in self quarantine who have disappeared into the woodowrk. Then there are those who are lying on their border crossing forms .. and did you see the idiot who tried to cross by hiding in the boot of a car .... good grief! Even some of our politicians are morons ... we have no current infections here ... so they said we should open the borders up to kick start the economy ... ummm ... and let people in who may or may not have the infections because they are from one of the areas that has the pox???? The only way to get rid of this virus is to starve it out of existence .... Sheila, I dont know about over your way but here the cards have to be activated before they can be used ... the extra code is good, but here that would not work, because if I am using the card from home there is no cell phone coverage and I would not get the txt. It sounds like they need to improve their procedures. Apparently I dont know how to take photos anymore ... my entire batch got rejected ....
  8. Wow can finally post again .... that took long enough. Patrick re the wooly bear caterpillars ... I found a nest of them at the base of a tree when I was gardening a couple of years back but the images were not accepted ... they are somewhere in my archives now. Love your spider tee-shirt ... the shadow gives it extra fimension I reckon! Sari fabulous trailcam footage as usual. lol Debbie you are so right ,,, Woa Sheila, CC fraud is scary .... at what point did they get hold of the cards or numbers ... there seems to be a failure on the part of the bank ... nothing much happening here, Dad and I have severe colds .... not the dreaded Covid stuff as we dont have it locally (thank goodness). The exponential number of cases down south has taken the national toll higher than it was in the "first wave". We are not sure if this is still part of the first wave or if it is the predicted second wave. It is now over 6 months since the first diagnosed case in Australia. I have just spent 3 days sorting out my keyword list ... that was a silly job to start, but once I started it I had to finish it, there are 6500 words in the list ,,, and of course it will grow over time as these things do lol!
  9. wow that is awesome, I wish I could wear contacts but lack of tear production and contacts just dont work. I hear what you are saying about glasses fogging up with a mask on ... makes it very awkward, Sari I have to wear my glasses even shooting in the house, I cant see a darn thing otherwise. I have discovered though that when I dont wear myt glasses everything looks like an abstract painting lol The glasses go on when I get up and stay on till I go to bed. lol Jeff
  10. Patrick considering how much it costs to make those set ups I dont think a motorcycle rider would be very popular at all. Sheila the only time I have come across that is if something has been removed so that is probably what happened. My workforce I normally activated has joined the injury department apparently, he fell the other night and thinks he cracked his ribs. I am not going to have to try and activate another helper as the gutters need cleaning before we get more rain. I am also annoyed that my roofer guy has not finished the job yet. (it is half done) Jeff we have some interesting golf courses here. You can come across crocodiles locally, in Brisbane there is a course that has Bull Sharks in the water hazard. Goannas love to steal the balls (they think they are eggs and try to eat them), I have had a bird try to steal my ball once. Mostly I just lose balls in the rough, never to be seen again. As for you grass it sounds like you need to either get drought tolerant grass or improve the soil so that it retains water better. Sari I am sure you would take great delight in riding on the course then patiently explain that you were trying to help by adding fertilizer and you are sorry that they were so ungrateful lol. Ugh on the heat though.
  11. lol Charles, I have to agree, golf is such an exercise in frustration. Sari the green keepers tend to get a bit upset when people ride horses on the course. I have on leftie child and one right, I am a little ambidextrous, though I tend to just call it appendage confused lol. I a not very co-ordinated so I dont think I will be trying juggling any time soon.
  12. Sheila all that fresh food sounds great, lol on Sebastian not listening to your hubby, I guess he figures you are boss! Patrick as far as I am concerned juggling chain saws is beyond insane, I have seen what damage they do to bodies!
  13. Linda my son learned how to juggle scarves, now that is a challenge! They are Patrick, and much more versatile than going up and down a step ladder. Wow that is good news! lol Linda .... Jeff .... I always thought dropping balls in golf was cheating
  14. I had the kids stilts when I was young .... it was fun. Never tried the other sort. I believe there are tradesman stilts these days as well. Patrick I saw that image of the guard passed out ... h stayed at attention even though he went down which was amazing discipline. Jeff, heat and humidity is hard to take. Sari sorry to hear you did not get enough rain. As for heat stroke, water is not the best thing, you need to drink electrolytes, as the main problem besides losing fluid, is the loss of salts that the body needs to function. Water is the second best thing and dont drink anything that will increase your dehydration.
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