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  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrr Sari .... Whoops on locking up the serger Sheila. mine has had a few of those sessions Hopefully you didnt bend something.
  2. Sheila you can create hot house conditions with cling wrap or soda bottles over the plants .... good luck with them Yes we do seem to lose the good ones all the time!
  3. Oh I did not know that Kate had left, that is sad Cute cat Sari!
  4. I dont have a good backup system in place either ... Like you Sari I want one where I could just plug and play and keep going ... I am not as diligent as I should be with it!
  5. Oh Sari my sympathies ... that is enough to make you want to jump off a cliff
  6. lol Pete ... I can honestly say that I have no hummingbirds and not likely to unless I do an illustration of one, Well done on getting a vax .... I agree that cancel culture is a form of censorship ...trying to make history conform to the "morals" of the current ... as if that will change anything ... As for putting feeders out for anything, the ants would overtake them here ... I am fighting ant invasions through the house again.
  7. I had heard about the J&J one ... this is the trouble with being the biggest experiment ever House training is one of the reason I dont like having pets lol ... it was hard enouhj house training children! Well done on the SODs, I have never had one for that amount!
  8. Vaccines here have been thrown into disarray because the AstraZ vax is no no longer recommended for younger people ... they say under 50 here. I do understand the worry about another dog, like humans they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.
  9. That would be beyond frustrating Sheila ... well done on the editing in Photoshop, Good luck with your furbaby ... he sounds a bit of a challenge right now.
  10. Well done Patrick, Steve, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards are a very worthwhile undertaking. Debbie, the salute would be something to see live. I am sorry he did not make it to his 100 years. He will certainly be missed, he was quite a character.
  11. I think it is more that attention, his mind needs to be kept active. You might need to swap around a bit, bones, chews etc ... like kids they get tired of the same thing over and over
  12. Sheila if Sebastian is doing that he is probably bored ... I am not sure what you can do to alleviate that.
  13. sari I never had any Easter traditions .... for as long as I can remember we were camping over Easter and it was just Mum, Dad and my sister ... we would have a chocolate Easter Egg and that was it. lol on Bob ....I am sure if she didnt want to do it, she wouldnt! At least you got Marshall to stay still for a photo, for some dogs even that is a challenge. Sheila you will have to keep working on Sebastian .... he might co-operate eventually.
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