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  1. I had not heard either Sheila, but only logical as you say. As for an EL, I cannot remember the last time I had one!
  2. how sad .... but yes the only logical thing to do or they would have a super spreader event I am sure!
  3. Yeah backup locally before any changes is always a good move! Coders always have a habit of breaking something! Pete I dont blame you for being peeved at the shouters. Your trip to Oz sounds like my trip to anywhere other than Oz . Not going to happen any time soon. When hubs and I got married, we were planning a world tour as a delayed honeymoon, well then he got made redundant, 18 months later he was on disability pension. It was still in the distant future if all the dominoes lined up. But then things like Dad's health and Covid and and and .... overseas trips ... not any time in
  4. ROFL ..... love that! Charles, I think when it comes to vaccines so many people do not know how they work. I had to pick up something from a client yesterday, he is a big antivaxxer ... he had some print out that he claimed was from some professionals. However it was quoting how the usual vaccines are made and why they take 10 years. He failed to understand that this vaccine uses different technology in its creation, not only that, it is the first time in global history (that we know of) that there has been a pooling of knowledge resources, this is why there have been several solutions
  5. Sari even the newspapers cant be trusted now ... they are as prone to misinformation and half truths as the social media. Some people seem to get their jollies by wiring something and seeing how far it can go, the modern version of Chinese whispers. As for the antivirus conspiracy theories ... you only have to look at this pic to realise what short memories people have Ventilation tubes for victims of polio https://www.npr.org/sections/npr-history-dept/2015/04/10/398515228/defeating-the-disease-that-paralyzed-america I am old enough to have friends who were affect
  6. Thijs that was an epic trip, sorry to hear you lost the other site ... very annoying that they just removed without giving you chance to recover it. This is why it is always a very good idea to keep a backup copy on your local system (thank you for the reminder) The cyclone has one now. Of course it wont be the only one, we can experience on average about 4 a season. However they can vary in intensity and here they affect is variable too. Some places seem to have a higher chance than others.
  7. Awesome Charles, we are not due to have the first doses out here till middle of next month (and that was brought forward a month). I am not sure who will have priority!
  8. It is I love it listening to it right now actually, not heavy just gentle rain and it sounds so gooooooooooooooooooood! There are still a lot of people here who are worried about the vaccinations .... I am figuring the risk of side effects is better than the risk of getting the virus to be honest. If anyone in this family caught it we would at best be hospital cases but more than likely it would take us out because our other issues would not cope with it.
  9. Sari we are not getting torrential rain which is a good thing but we are getting rain. We have had about 18 inches of rain so far this month which is a reasonable amount. It has been steady most of the time so it is getting to soak into the ground and down to the water table rather than running off into the creeks and river. Because it has been so dry and now wet a lot of trees are deciding to lie down on the job. You are right the rain is much needed .... my water tanks are full now but the water table needs replenishing. We did not get any rain out of the cyclone, it seemed to dump
  10. cyclone fizzled and computer is behaving, maybe all is ok with the world after all!
  11. lol Pete, Kimi has been downgraded to a LOW now, and is SE of us ... now forecast to follow the coast North. As with these systems anything is possible. No effects here so far, not even rain. We are still in watch and wait mode, but life returns to normal now for a while. It has been a bt of a wake-up call as I have realised I am not cyclone ready enough round here. So I think it will be rallying the troops to organise stuff now
  12. I actually have it on my list of things to take photos of ... the shots I have taken I have not like to be honest!
  13. Kuranda is where I live 🙂 I am sorry to hear he passed away Cyclone's are always a concern (especially the big ones), they have potential to do so much damage (even the small ones). This one is currently tracking south of us and if it goes as predicted (not definite, they have a mind of their own) Cardwell will get hit badly again. A few years ago their coastal mangroves were wiped out and never grew back. I have been through a few of these smaller ones, I dont want to go through any big ones!
  14. Thanks guys, the storm system is not strong but is likely to have a fair mount of wind and rain attached. Making sure one has water and also grocery supplies is essential. I will have to go outside and make sure that all the stuff outside is secured in the morning. I live just behind Cairns, I have been through a few of these storms, I just always hope I dont have to live through a big one as they cause so much devastation I think weather can be a challenge no matter where you live
  15. no snow here but due for a Category 2 cyclone to cross the coast tomorrow. Watching the direction closely. Power outages are likely to be an issue (it usually is)
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