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  1. I cant see it either Patrick, I guess a spam post Sorry to hear the kitten was not doing well Sheila, and happy birthday to your youngest ,,, I guess this means you officially dont have "children" any more!
  2. beautiful butterfly Sheila, you are indeed lucky to have them
  3. I am glad he is recovering, I think we are all having to think sideways right now. Wish him well from me when you speak to him next!
  4. I might get a trailcam one day Jeff how is Mike these days? What is he up to?
  5. Patrick making a board game is a hard task, I tried it once years ago I had to look up Javelinas, had never heard of them before. Cute babies!
  6. Sheila how do you find time to do everything you do? As for neighbours. I am so grateful that I dont have neighbours that close.
  7. cool on the butterflies, Wow on the excitement, you can do without that! Hopefully now everyone will make sure that the gate is shut!!!
  8. I am not a night owl so would find that shift hard. Good plan on only going one shift right now. Hope it goes ok.
  9. Yuck on going to work that early Sheila, but has to be better than working night shift .... lol on the dog chasing the poor butterfly ...
  10. I suppose like anybody they have to go for a big "dump" after they wake up .... How did the rest go Sheila?
  11. sounds complicated Patrick. Thanks Sheila, all good here, just a bit side tracked with other projects right now.
  12. Patrick I always do flatten if it is just before saving, merge down can sometimes have some unexpected results. Hmm "Top Images" ... I dont have one picture of a Top in my port lol! What exactly do they mean by "Top" there can only be one image at "The Top", "top" as in something someone wears or "top" that someone plays with .... it is appalling nomenclature!!!
  13. Linda I am counting my blessings that is for sure
  14. Sheila you sure are having an interesting experience with your butterflies. Linda your fish sure are cute! Sorry to hear that you are in lock down This virus sure is disruptive to life We are starting to open up but I am still wary of going anywhere and we have been pretty safe here.
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