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  1. Of course it's naked! Have you ever seen a dressed octopus? Lol
  2. Hey Jeff! long time no see! Where have you been? Did it take you 3 months to mow that WMA that you call backyard of yours? Talking about no see, am I the only crazy one? (Better than average chance I am honestly. Wanna know how many times I saw Maria on a piece of toast?) You can't see its profile, (facing left) eye, nose, and smiling mouth? Like I said, once you see it, you cannot unsee it.
  3. Is there a point somewhere? All I see are some scribbles and a smiling naked octopus (once you see it, you cannot unsee it)
  4. I didn't give you any tips Ana 😊 And what printer really does depends on the purpose (and budget) of the print
  5. It all depends what the print is for. and FAA is not a printer, they outsource their printing to a large number of printers and which one depends on locations and what kind of print. I print, mount and mat, and frame my own up to 13" x 19"
  6. Mike is right, but the images are no picked by Flashstock but by the client. They also tell you upfront how much they pay, which is not always $50.00 for 4. I have seen solicitations that offer more. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but that all copyrights are transferred to Flashstock for purchased images is a big no no and for that reason alone I do not submit anything at all. Even though I do think this business model is the future (That's why I signed up, so I can keep an eye on it ) There are other similar companies out there that offer much better Terms and Condition, incl. The Big G I believe
  7. It's the future and will be a big chunk of commercial photography, including stock
  8. The "Feed the Beast" theory is about as old as microstock itself.
  9. Yes we are fine as well (we always are regardless). No structural damage to our house and very little in general here in South West Miami. We were on, what they call "the dirty side" of the hurricane (which is always the east side) and got pounded for hours and hours with 90-100 mph wind and horizontal rain. The wind force wasn't really the problem, but this slug only moved with 8 Mph, so the whole thing lasted 15 hours or so with 12 hours or so equally bad. By a miracle, we never lost power for more than 1/2 hour. We just lost internet that we just got back. Lots of trees down and a lot of yard clean up work, but we were lucky and life is good. The thing with hurricanes is that fast moving ones (25/30 mph) have less rain, but more tornadoes. Slow moving ones have fewer tornadoes, but a lot more rain. I posted some videos during the storm on FB Glad to hear folks on the gulf coast are OK too. It was supposed to be a cat 3 there, but I understand it was only a cat 1 or so, which is a huge difference.
  10. Assuming you talk about motorsports, the design of most existing racetracks is most definitely trademarked. Even certain corners and turns have additional protection. Just like with golfcourses for instance
  11. I stand corrected (by myself mind you lol), it was hot as hell and humid today
  12. Thanks guys! We knew his heart was in a very bad shape and it was rather sooner than later, but that doesn't make it any easier
  13. I posted some videos on Facebook (look for my name on fb is guess) and that is only 90 Mph or so or a cat 1, Tampa is a cat 3 This number 11 for me, including. Andrew ( where we lost everything) Good luck Ana and God bless