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  1. Which countries are your clients from?

    So you are the one who took all my sales in the Middle East! LOL
  2. Yes it is. Simply because she said so and you are not in a position to dispute that. (Nobody is) Tell her that you are willing out of respect to remove the picture. (and to comply with Portuguese laws I understand, but don't tell her that) Explain to her at the same time what Editorial means and that it would be unethical to pay her. That paying would hurt the integrity of the editorial concept and would hurt you as the photographer if you would start paying people that are in editorial pictures, . As a matter of fact, if you do that, you can be suit by the people who use those editorial images if they find out. (at least in the US) Simply because nobody would know anymore whether the image/situation was "as is" and what you see is how it was,or if the image/situation was posed/set up. It doesn't matter if it is after the fact. Also, it would not surprise me that if SS finds out that you pay people for editorial content (if you would have), they might close your whole account. (I probably would)
  3. Can every photo be sold as editorial?

    I am glad you are not demanding. It's all on the site (and on these forums) For example:
  4. tax question

    It's in the Q and A link I posted. How do I submit the W-8? Our updated Tax Center will help you decide which form is right for you. Simply answer the questions, and follow the prompts on the screen. If the W-8BEN is appropriate for your situation, you’ll be prompted to fill in a few fields, and you can submit the form electronically directly from the Tax Center. Other forms (W-8ECI, W8-BENE, W-9, etc) can be downloaded from the Tax Center in pdf format. Fill out the form completely, and e-mail it as an attachment to
  5. Which countries are your clients from?

    You probably had many sales there. it just takes a while for them to get here. (slow internet)
  6. tax question

    I don't know if they do or not, but either way, you should report it regardless.
  7. Which countries are your clients from?

    I used to get a lot of sales from the middle east, but that stopped pretty sudden some time ago.

    Actually I forgot the word No. But thanks for noticing. LOL Hardstikke bedankt jongen!
  9. Programs for Creating Videos,2817,2330787,00.asp

    Yep if it's dead, it's dead and no defibrillator can change that.

    That's why you create a boot disk so you can boot the computer in safe mode from the CD drive or thumb drive This for a PC. For a Mac, I have no idea
  12. tax question

    To start with your last question, yes, if you do not complete and submit that W8-BEN, they will withhold (deduct) 30% simply because 30% is the highest rate and if they don't know where you are, they automatically withhold the highest rate. So, it is very important you complete and submit that W8 form as soon as possible. I saw you are in Greece and that means that the US will not withhold any taxes on images and 30% on videos (you don't seem to have those here) and that means that you will need to report the income to your local tax people in accordance with your local tax laws. That treaty basically says that you only pay taxes once, which is either here in the US or in your country of Greece, and in your case, you just pay in Greece.
  13. tax question

    A 1099 is only for US citizens and residents that completed or should have completed a W-9 for independent contractors. and the minimum amount is $10.00 for royalties (what this is) If you are neither and you do not live in the US, you will have to submit a W8ben as you stated. The following links might be helpful.
  14. free stock photos

    I mean on pertaining to Shutterstock.