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  1. Doesn't really work for me. You can't put people into boxes. They tried that since Freud (probably way before that) and doesn't work. For this test, what is the difference between slightly agree and slightly disagree anyway? Nothing really and yet a completely different outcome Like Tony Soprano said "You never know with people""
  2. Don't worry 😊
  3. Thank you Simon. You (from all people) know how I can be if you get on my nerves. lol
  4. Of course I remember you. I still wake up with a night sweat every now and then LOL. How have you been? How's life in TX? Still making your wonderful grumpy old ladies? Grandmother yet? Boyfriend? Your timing is perfect. (not) I am about to leave this cesspool too. Are you on FB or something? p.s. I deleted my response to Mr. Whistler's post. He got on my nerves, but I figured it's not worth it.
  5. All under $1100.00 new|1&ci=8423&N=4288584243+3919409586+4291123839&
  6. You are grossly mistaken. That statement is only to inform people that don't know any better
  7. My pleasure Mike
  8. He lives in Tampa so I don't see him that much, What I said, I see him about once a year around his birthday in September when he is down here in his gallery (and his previous house) in Big Cypress. Even though he seems to be doing OK, that might not happen this year. They are hoping for October sometime. I understand that he doesn't use his 8x10 Deardorf all that much anymore. He uses a Sony 7R something on a Cambo Actus with medium format lenses a lot nowadays ( ) I can understand that, he is 75 now and his wife used to carry his camera for him, but she is not getting any younger either. Although I wonder what is heavier lol. After reading up on that Actus, I am kindda interested myself. I could use that and a heck of a lot cheaper than the Linhoff I am familiar with (Everthing is cheaper than Linhoff lol) Talking about his previous house, it is for rent for week-ends etc. and is a paradise for wildlife and landscape photographers. I always thought it would be a great place for a workshop or just a group of photographers for a couple of days. They organize photo swamp walks It used to be an orchid nursery before Clyde bought it DIsclaimer for Paul and others, I am not off topic, just answering a question. I admit the long way, but still
  9. I am sorry to inform you that there is currently no vacancy for a forum police officer here. That position has been taken. You will have to try your luck elsewhere if you wish
  10. Yes. Forgot about those.
  11. you guessed wrong and the only one who is off-topic now is you (not the first time)
  12. I am not on my computer right now so I can't really repost the links, but if you search for Clyde Butcher you will find that he uses a process camera as an horizontal enlarger ( Little bigger than yours on on a 19ft rail) I meet Clyde every year on his birthday in his original gallery. I think he is the same age as you Laurin
  13. Where is my post ?
  14. Instead of a regular bubble level I used and use (haven't done it in a while) an inclinometer. That way I can see and measure that the artwork and the camera sensor are really at the same plane. Little fanatic maybe, but hey it doesn't hurt and it's cheap and accurate
  15. How would you fix it Barry? Something constructive would be nice and helpful.