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  1. That's because collectors ( pros, novice, and wannabees alike) don't buy his photographs, they buy his name so that's what they're selling
  2. Blue Jay, Blue Heron, and green 13-14 ft. alligator. Yep Florida alright. You are in my territory now lol
  3. Be happy and don't be a party pooper
  4. Congratulations Gary! Your life as you know it is over. It will never be the same again.
  5. Tax

    No, quick pointers can get you in trouble. As per my post above, I deal with these issues (and many other legal issues) in my other job a lot. But I am not an attorney either and that's one of the reasons why I told you to call you local tax office. But even If I was an attorney, I wouldn't be able to tell you what to do. You see, there are many things we don't know about you like your age, your legal status, you say you are Canadian, but do you live in Canada, are you an individual, are you incorporated, etc etc. No need to answer those questions, but I am just saying some things are not necessarily what they seem
  6. Tax

    As far as Whiteaster's post goes, you need to read between the lines. On a side note: He (she?) is from Romania and in my other business, we had a client with three people working in Romania and Romanian people can be a little direct, but you get used to that. (I am Dutch and they invented the concept). Coincidentally this whole W8 thing was an issue with them also since they made their money in the US. As far as your doubts go and why SS uses words like you may and all that. I tried to explain that. Really, I encourage you to call your local tax office. Not a tax lawyer, but your tax collector. (not sure what that agency is called in Canada) No need to call a lawyer and pay good money for something that is free. Heck you are actually willing to pay taxes and tax collectors are usually very nice and helpful to people who are willing to work with them. Honestly, forget what SS says, forget what anybody here in the forum says, call your local tax office.
  7. Tax

    Advice pertaining to your tax obligations is legal advice and SS can't tell you what other people do because it is irrelevant (and you can't go by what people usually do. If you are not sure about something, best is to call your local tax office) Other than that, Whiteaster gave you the links to the resources SS made available. Whiteaster's advice is not discouraging, but encouraging actually if you think about it. Nothing wrong with doing a little bit of research yourself. This is a business after all. You did read the ToS didn't you? Edit: Claude made it real easy for you although he (like SS) doesn't really know your particular circumstances and if W8BEN-E is applicable for you and frankly, his answer (with all due respect Claude) provokes other questions.
  8. All in the name of love Laurin
  9. I agree. Now if only my bones, joints , and muscles would too...... my 45 year old Gitzo and (little newer) Manfrotto 055whatever are no lightweights either. Ok! That settles it. Wood it is. lol
  10. Hopefully it isn't a Deardorff. That would be like a double whammy I had an original Fred Picker built Zone VI that I paid $1400 for in 1992. (made to order) That was my only camera for almost 20 years. I still have the Photoflex film changing bag, a Polaroid film holder, and their ash wooden tripod. All mint. Anybody? I used The polaroid back to make transfers with type 59 film, but they don't make that anymore. You can get some old 59 film on ebay for $165.00 for 20 sheets and who knows in what condition *sigh* edit: come to think of it, I might dig that tripod up out of storage and start using it again. Best darn tripod on the planet, you can put pretty much anything on it you want, very stable in any position with no vibrations. Nicer and simpler than Ries or Berlebach. It has spikes, so good for landscapes and things. Little heavy, but who cares. Thanks for listening.
  11. Congrats on your feature Laurin (I can so this all day long Barry)
  12. Congrats on your feature Laurin
  13. I admire your youthful enthusiasm Laurin, but you should know better by now. Sadly enough
  14. You don't need a model release for an artistic expression because of the first amendment rights (freedom of speech) in the US and also because of the low level of privacy expectations in the case of street photography. Even though selling art is commercial use in a sense, the first amendment rights prevails. Unless it is a person or persons in an embarrassing and/or compromising situation because that could be considered defamation and/or illegal. You cannot be a peeping tom. These laws vary from state to state. California has limitations for paparazzi, Florida has specific privacy laws etc. However shooting a subject on a public place is almost always allowed.That includes children btw I don't know what country you are in. I can only post about the US. So you might want to check you local laws if you are outside the US But either way, like the others said, SS is a commercial site and not an art site like Saatchi,, Deviant art,or one of those PoD sites. If you want to submit an image with a visible person (even from behind, a silhouette, or in many cases just part of a person) you need a release or submit as editorial I submitted an image of some agricultural workers once. These people wore long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves and a big chinese hat. Not one inch of flesh anywhere on their body was visible. One site rejected them despite my protest. They said I was right, but a person could claim it was him or her and they didn't want to go through the legal hassle if that would be the case. So, microstock sites usually err on the side of caution. SS had no problem with them amazingly enough
  15. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page it says "Top photo by Photomatz"