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  1. What did you tell your boss then? I can't be much fun working for a person like that.
  2. I guess it depends on what type of x-ray he had. Sometimes the software used to "create" the medical image has a copyright on all images produced by it. My friend is a brain researcher and she does a lot of computer tomography scans of the brain. The software that interpretes the data and creates the image actually states that you are not allowed to use images for commercial purposes. But just an x-ray might be ok, you would probably need to know the name of the machine used and research if the company that made it have any claims to images produced by it. I guess using it for reference wo
  3. You have transparency in your file, that is not eps8 compatible. However shutterstock accepts eps10 wich is compatible with transparency. Set it to illustrator eps10 then press the "custom" button and push it to 100 % vector. However keep an eye on your file size, it must be under 15 mb.
  4. sorry to give more bad news... Davidarts your image is up on http://www.freeimageworks.com/page/2/?s=vector found the page via the anything goes forum search vector second page.
  5. I would be careful. I found fonts on dafont.com that were "free for commercial use" but actually just copied by some user and uploaded. Sometimes the person that uploads it isn't the person with copyright. But i dont know this squirrel site, if anyone can sign up as a user and upload fonts you have to research them to make sure they are not stolen works... If however you do that and you find that they are really for commercial use, then you can use it. You should always expand a font before you upload for stock. Because the buyer might not have the font and then your design will look diffe
  6. I was thinking about theese thefts and I thought, what if shutterstock could hold our money for longer before we can access it. Like if you sell an illustration you cant get the money until a month later. In that way we would have more time to find the "copiers" and hopefully they would be kicked out before even getting their first payout. This would discourage people from doing it over and over again, as they would not earn as much. What do you think? Do you think they get away with it for longer than a month though? I sure hope not.
  7. Yep i am working hard on finding the rotate tool in illustrator now. Then i am goig to give my old business card set a "new spin"
  8. I think it is really bothering that it is taking so long time to take that port down. Three days is a long time for the sales to keep going of a stolen work.
  9. Hello again, Sorry to hear you are still having problems. You can upload a different jpeg from your vector, since they are sold separetly. Have you had this problem before? It seems strange that it is starting now. I was thinking it might be the computer screen. I can't see the stripes but everyone else seems to. Sorry don't have any more tips. Good luck
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