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  1. Where are the sales?.. For me they just disappeared.. Never thought it would be possible at the shutterstock. Even the depositphotos stock made bigger sales today. That's very sad
  2. I agree, I have dozens of cases already and it happens again and again. That's sad
  3. Thanks, i've been waiting for their reply for about a 4 days, have reported again..
  4. You even took the keywords. Do you realise it affects my sales on my own photo?
  5. Unfortunately no, they leave all the earnings to themselves. I have sent dozens of complaints (with my photos stolen) to the support and the maximum they do - they just delete the photo. Probably this is the reason it happens so far. It is an additional income for the SS
  6. Thanks so much! all horses have been captured running without equipment, that was the agreement with their owners, as they do look beautiful just running. Thank you!
  7. You uploaded my photo to the stock for sell. That's not right, it violates the rules https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/two-running-horses-blurred-background-1759856363 I'm the author.
  8. Yes, it really looks like photos from many authors. Agree with you
  9. Thank you! i'll try both ways 👍
  10. Thanks, yes, i have send the request to this email, probably need to wait a bit more. They usually reacted faster )
  11. Hello please help. I have contacted support a couple of days ago, but this my photo of horses is still on sale in some other author's portfolio May be my question will be visible here https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/two-running-horses-blurred-background-1759856363 It seems all the photos are from different contributors. thanks
  12. For 6 sales of my top-images i got less then $1. I feel like i'm robbed.
  13. Thanks so much! Your portfolio is amazing
  14. Yeah, i got my first sale for 0.10 either. 5th "level"
  15. Sad thing is, we literally got no reaction to the many questions and people emotions about this global decreasing of earnings.
  16. Same problem. 8 sales appeared in "Places", but nothing of them on saturday earnings. When the problem will be fixed? I'm anxious..
  17. Zero sales today.. feeling depressed ( Previous zero was in far 2009, when i was starting my work with stocks.
  18. okiepony, thank you so much! your photos are really cool too!Thanks to all for support! i have contacted via infringementclaims@shutterstock.com. Hope they will help.
  19. My photo was stolen and uploaded to Shutterstock. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/horse-on-hind-legs-606371420?src=qWA_l39wUpGMOjiYRWTayg-2-32 I have contacted to support 2 days ago. But no reaction. Please help. May be someone will find his (her) image as well https://www.shutterstock.com/g/mraxpa
  20. It's third day already with strange invisible sales on map. I have about 20 or more sales in amount that are still not in my earnings. With first day result i have contacted to shutterstock with screenshots and IDs.
  21. thank you so much! your works are really cool and professional!! I know, i'm finding it in really big amount of places, even Hyundai used it on a advertisement board in my city.. Thanks!!
  22. Thanks a lot! i'm going to email them right now:)
  23. That is the problem - here is his image http://www.shutterstock.com/ru/pic-389205502/stock-photo-running-horses-in-the-desert.html?src=MsgZbqnF2bh6nShC_23rfQ-1-7 And this is mine http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-46979482/stock-photo-two-stallions-in-dust.html they are the same( and still no answer from shutterstock. I have wrote to compliance@shutterstock.com Maybe it doesn't work already?
  24. I have found my photo in shutterstock that has been uploaded recently by a new author. Here is the link to his gallery, maybe you will find your work here http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-3993490p1.html That's sad it's possible to steal and upload any photo here I have found also a photo, drawing that was obviously based on my drawing (it's another author) and reported to shutterstock support. But it's already a week, i haven't got any reply to that. Dear shutterstock team, please help.
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