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  1. The $0.10 subs vastly outnumber the higher ones over the long run. Checking my first 1000 subs last month, average is now $0.24, down from $0.38. So a 35% drop. (Level 5)
  2. I'm level 5 and still getting a lot of 10c downloads, so his argument is BS. It's true that I'm now making more per OD but that doesn't come close to making up for losses on subs
  3. I'm on level 5 and most sales are 10c. It's not an error. Even if you reached level 6 you would still get 10c downloads.
  4. This talk of levels and percentages is irrelevant. Attached screenshot of my levels and what my earning page looks like. EVERYONE is being robbed by this, there is no benefit to any contributors, no matter what tier you are in
  5. Don't worry guys, when you've been here 12 years and are a level 5 contributor you'll get up to 11c! What an opportunity
  6. Yes you can, neither is exclusive. But there's no point, DT died long ago. SS will follow them soon with their new management style
  7. Thanks. I can't complain about earnings here over the last few years, it was good. Going forward I can't see SS surviving though, any CEO who has such obvious contempt for his contributors is clearly heading for failure
  8. I'm on the Bridge to Bigstock, and it's a total waste of time. They can close it down tomorrow and I wouldn't notice
  9. Thanks for replying. When IS/GI did this they crashed from being market leaders to an irrelevant bunch of losers. SS should have seen that as a warning, not an example to follow
  10. Kate, this is an extremely simple question, and you obviously know the exact answer. I am a level 5 contributor. How much will I receive for subscription downloads. Do not say the percentage or "not less than 10c", just tell me the number. Right now it is 38c. What will it be next week?
  11. Same here, some batches almost all accepted, others lots of rejections. Whether they reject for noise or not has absolutely nothing to do with whether there actually is noise. Also getting rejections for "similar" if submitting two videos of the same subject, even though angle, focal length etc etc completely different. Normally when find a decent subject it's a good idea to take a few close up/far away, different angle etc so buyer has choice, but seems nobody told the reviewers. Sales on AS can be quite good, and all still $28 or more, whereas here those $3 sales are going to become the norm when people use up their clip packs and switch to subs. I'll definitely keep uploading there, when SS lose their market lead it will be to AS. Sales on P5 have collapsed, I presume after they rolled out their exclusive program they pushed exclusive content to the front of searches. They were good up to December 31, then changed things and probably not worth submitting to anymore.
  12. Latest batch of commercial videos almost all accepted, just a couple of rejections because of similars, not noise/artifacts. So I think previously I just had a few overly strict reviewers in a row, rather than a definite trend.
  13. Thanks for sharing - looks like my theory was wrong! Will try another big batch and see what happens..
  14. Pending approval not working? Anyone else having this problem? It's relevant because some pending videos were overlooked so I need to delete and re-submit, but have no way of telling which ones
  15. Is everyone else seeing videos pending not working? Or is it just me? It's relevant because a couple of videos were overlooked for review - I need to know which ones to delete and upload again..
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