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    Photography, Matte Painting, Body Building, Rowing, Playing Guitar, Metal Music, Frisbee, Origami, English and Spanish Languages
  1. wow you guys are awesome. I hit more than 300 votes. Please keep voting and spread the word... Free Italian Pizza for those who bring 5 votes... hahahahah :oP
  2. I really appreciate it and thank you for your beautiful Words
  3. I just hit 200 votes... thank you so much. Please keep voting
  4. Thank you for your support! Please keep voting
  5. http://www.lab.leica-camera.it/jspleica/scheda.jsp?n=5013&v=1 If you have a Facebook and/or a Tweeter account you can help me qualify in the Italian Leica Contest. Just put a like following the link above or retweet it. I know I can count on a wonderful community here. Thank you in advance for yor time Giuseppe Parisi
  6. done again, this one was more complete and I suggest you to leave it up and running for a month to have reliable results. Good job buddy!
  7. did it, quick and essential. Let us know about the results
  8. you're gonna make a nice bunch of bucks out of that, I'm sure mike. What a nice clever and sharp idea you had! Good luck buddy
  9. Self portraits with my woman! :oP
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