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  1. I have images at several sites, but none that pay 10cents or less, that's how you keep your returns up.
  2. Add the keywords, title and description to the metadata. Keywords in the order of your preference, it make no difference to Shutterstock, but Adobe will keep your preferences.
  3. The prices you see is not what the buyers will be offered to return to Shutterstock, that's why they have put in a 10 cent floor so they don't lose contributors. Istock have a 2 cent floor so obviously when it come to competing with them they will have to absorb some of the difference, which they can because we are now on a percentage.
  4. I'm no suggesting having the same images at both, just taking the buyers to the better paying one.
  5. Why would they buy from you at Adobe when they can buy your work cheaper at Shutterstock?
  6. Looks to me that the half a million assets that would have been uploaded have been wiped out by disabled portfolios, not a bad beginning.
  7. This is a microstock site, most sales here won't even top a dollar. If you want top dollar you will need an agent, a publisher, a gallery and a very good reputation. Yes you can sell or license privately or even publicly the images you have here, Shutterstock have often asserted that they have no interest in exclusivity, yet Shutterstock Custom may have made a mockery of that assertion.
  8. Are you suggesting the appalling search and very poor customer service is driving buyers away? In the original post it is suggested buyers may have migrated to Offset, which may explain his drop in earnings. Have you been tempted to try an Enterprise Plan, which would give you access to Offset or have you been tempted to move to somewhere the search is more discerning to your requirements, which also may explain his drop in earnings. If not why do you persist with problematic searches? Has the drop in prices of subscriptions to the point that you get twice as many images as you would for the same money or less than you pay for On Demand downloads kept you loyal, which also would explain a drop in earnings.
  9. Like contributors not all customers are equal at Shutterstock, many of them have Enterprise Plans and if they don't want while away their time searching curated content produced by high earning contributors Shutterstock will do it for them. The rest will have to do with Single User Plans and put up with finding our gems in all dirt by themselves, but they have the advantage in that it is getting cheaper to that.
  10. The Stealing SS images big time thread has 329 posts mentioning those dodgy sites, what nobody is mentioning is the antics that Shutterstock get up to that have a detrimental affect on our earnings.
  11. I don't know about chasing your tail, but you can't see the wood for the trees. Shutterstock is stratisfied not just into Offset, Shutterstock and Bigstock, which are three separate brands on three separate sites, but also the main Shutterstock collection is broken up into several sites as well. Enterprise clients have access to premium.shutterstock and through them their Pemier Sellect site, both serviced by their Enterprise Team, which now represents 30% of their turnover and where your SODs used to come from. Add to that the pricing of subscriptions so low as to make On Demand purchases unviable it only leaves us with subs. Given that their last quarterly report said that they increased revenue with less downloads it dosn't look good for subs either.
  12. You will get what they think you are willing to accept, no more, and with discounts they can explore your bottom price. What is your bottom line before you opt out?
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