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  1. So why are you taking more money from us when the service goes down? I'm still waiting 4 months for an answer to a question where support said they had to send it back to review. Where is this extra money that I'm paying shutterstock going? It's not going to support, it's not going to improve sales, it's not going any place that seems to be assisting me. why do I need to pay more for getting less? again 4 months without any response from support regarding issues with images. And sadly this is not the first time either.
  2. It's due to subject, not actual duplication of the image itself At this point in time if you take a picture of a man smiling and another picture of a man angry with a middle finger up they will get denied because you took a picture of the same man twice.
  3. My royalty per download has dropped to just a little under half of what it was prior to this change. Don't get me wrong, it sure is nice to see those larger ones and I enjoy that part. But fact still remains that I'm getting enough of the .10 sales to more then offset them so it's not worth it. in fact SS now pays less on average per download then even the hated Istock does. I make less per download on average through shutterstock then I do on every single company, other then dreamstime.
  4. Many of you are looking at this the wrong way. Saying that this is showing that shutterstock is saying our work is now worth less cause they pay us less. That's incorrect as the value for our work has stayed the same. Shutterstock still collects the same amount of money from our work now, as they did before. What really has happened is Shutterstock has said that the value for the services they provide has increased in value. If I'm paying Shutterstock a much higher premium to license when they license my work, what additional services, features, extra income opportunities are doing creating with that additional income we as the contributor are providing to them? That's a huge difference to have my net earnings go down 75% due to shutterstock taking a bigger share. As the value of our work has stayed the same, but you just want a larger payment, what are you going to do to help offset and justify taking a larger percentage of the pie now? What are you doing to create value with this additional income you request us to give? You want to know how to make contributors happy, then you must create value with what you ask us to pay you. How is shutterstock using this to create value?
  5. I feel sorry for the people who use this for more then just some additional money. If you like myself are using this money to help pay bills, cover rent, basic living and only get less then a week's notice that your income is going to drop to 25% of what it was.... That's low. thats really harsh and uncaring to give such little notice that we will only make 1/4 of what we have been making when some of us depend upon this money. And to think that at one point SS was considered a good company. the place to contribute in the microstock industry as they paid fair, had good sales, and took care of their contributors. especially compared to the likes of getty/istock. Guess this is just getty 2.0 now.
  6. I did. They paid me out at a whole $2.03 for the clip.
  7. Well i guess the plus to this is, I was worried about reseting every year, but since it seems like my downloads are only worth 10 cents anyway under level 4 and thats the minimum..... my level really doesn't matter anyway. Thats not very motivating.
  8. So if a person buys a subscription for $49 but only purchases lets say 1 image for the month, whats my commission? you say I get 30%, Is this going to be 30% of the actual images value of $49, which would net me a commission of $14.7. Or are you paying me 30% of the potential, but not real, image value of only 4.90 which nets me a commission of 1.47 If shutterstock is paying based upon not the real value of the image but the potential then my earnings actually drop drastically even more from 30% down to 3%.
  9. Level 4 and just got my first picture sale. Went from .38 down to .14 Also got my first clip sale and I made 2.04 on that. So far not impressed.
  10. Well I reached out to shuttertsock support and I'm glad to inform you guys that this seems to be normal. After telling them that I had to reset my password over 12 times in one day, and have to reset it everytime I log into shutterstock. Plus I am now getting an 406 error message when trying to go through the reset process and therfore can't even reset my password, they inform me its only occasionally they require it and and to go ahead and reset my password. They are even kind enough to show me where to do so. 🙋‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  11. oh wow. Figured this was a one off situation, but doesn't seem like it. Out of curiosity are any of you using a third party app to review, submit, keyword, or track your stats on shutterstock? I only ask as I wonder if that might be part of the problem.
  12. color profile maybe? something like sRGB in lightroom but when you open it in photoshop you might be using Adobe RGB instead. Found that out the hard way myself one time.
  13. How many times did it have you do it? I'm up to about 7 or 8 resets so far today. I will change it, login right away, and then told that there is a security problem and need to change it yet again.
  14. So far I've been required by shutterstock to reset my password after every time I get log in today. I'm not sure what to do if I have to reset my password seriously every time I login.
  15. I've still been able to submit images of events without credentials many times, but it's all in how the event is setup. If it is a ticket event, good luck you won't get your images accepted, but if it is an event that's open to the public and you are shooting from a public area then you should be good but just need to send an email to credentials@shutterstock.com Usually the only concern they have when I tell them that I'm shooting from an area that's open to the public is to show that. There have been some bike races I've covered they thought I was over the barricade in an area that would require credentials. With that I usually just make sure to get a couple shots showing where I stand incase there are any questions. sometimes I have to send them a link to the website holding the even so they can see it was a non ticketed event to spectate. But otherwise I just email credentials@shutterstock.com and let them know this was an event that was open to the public, I'm shooting all images from a public access area, the event is not ticketed, and they go "ok please submit and reference case # blahblahblah" All is fine. honestly don't give up. Send your email off and let them know it was public non ticketed event and you shot from a public area. I'm guessing you will get that approval also. if so let us know how it turns out! EDIT: Here is an example. Obvious professional sporting event, they can see I'm behind the barricade, but with the other information I give the credentials email stating it's open to the public and non ticketed all is fine. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/boise-idaho-july-14-2018-riders-1159455274
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