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  1. Well I reached out to shuttertsock support and I'm glad to inform you guys that this seems to be normal. After telling them that I had to reset my password over 12 times in one day, and have to reset it everytime I log into shutterstock. Plus I am now getting an 406 error message when trying to go through the reset process and therfore can't even reset my password, they inform me its only occasionally they require it and and to go ahead and reset my password. They are even kind enough to show me where to do so. 🙋‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  2. oh wow. Figured this was a one off situation, but doesn't seem like it. Out of curiosity are any of you using a third party app to review, submit, keyword, or track your stats on shutterstock? I only ask as I wonder if that might be part of the problem.
  3. color profile maybe? something like sRGB in lightroom but when you open it in photoshop you might be using Adobe RGB instead. Found that out the hard way myself one time.
  4. How many times did it have you do it? I'm up to about 7 or 8 resets so far today. I will change it, login right away, and then told that there is a security problem and need to change it yet again.
  5. So far I've been required by shutterstock to reset my password after every time I get log in today. I'm not sure what to do if I have to reset my password seriously every time I login.
  6. I've still been able to submit images of events without credentials many times, but it's all in how the event is setup. If it is a ticket event, good luck you won't get your images accepted, but if it is an event that's open to the public and you are shooting from a public area then you should be good but just need to send an email to credentials@shutterstock.com Usually the only concern they have when I tell them that I'm shooting from an area that's open to the public is to show that. There have been some bike races I've covered they thought I was over the barricade in an area that would require credentials. With that I usually just make sure to get a couple shots showing where I stand incase there are any questions. sometimes I have to send them a link to the website holding the even so they can see it was a non ticketed event to spectate. But otherwise I just email credentials@shutterstock.com and let them know this was an event that was open to the public, I'm shooting all images from a public access area, the event is not ticketed, and they go "ok please submit and reference case # blahblahblah" All is fine. honestly don't give up. Send your email off and let them know it was public non ticketed event and you shot from a public area. I'm guessing you will get that approval also. if so let us know how it turns out! EDIT: Here is an example. Obvious professional sporting event, they can see I'm behind the barricade, but with the other information I give the credentials email stating it's open to the public and non ticketed all is fine. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/boise-idaho-july-14-2018-riders-1159455274
  7. Here is a legit question I have. These are images of newspapers that have been submitted as editorial. do you find this content objectionable as not needing to belong on SS as well? https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/new-york-city-april-13-2015-272424740 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/kiev-ukraine-april-15-2018-illustrative-1068867284 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dubai-uae-march-21-2020-expo-1678676911
  8. I still have to get the exposure, still have to isolate the image down to the text I'm targeting, have to crop to prevent images of photo's being looked at as part of the main subject, maybe throw in some extra work to have a mouse point at a specific part of the screen, or use depth of field to help further isolate a specific portion,. Huge amount of work? Not at all, but there still comes a little more work then just CTRL+Print screen and slap it on SS. And again these images of digital content have a valid editorial use. Wilm Ihlenfeld reading what you quoted seems like it would exclude any and all editorial images. it prevents logos, trademarks, copyrighted materials, logos, or anything owned by a third party.We basically have to own the rights to everything we shoot which means editorial conent can't exist. All content that is labeled as editorial has someone elses content in it. Oh wait there it is, the last sentence you posted "Alternatively, where such content meets our editorial standards, you may submit the content for Editorial Use Only." But to add to that, SS has already made it perfectly clear that artwork is protected and not able to be submitted under editorial. I can't take a picture of the screen showing one of your images and submit it to SS and call it a day. this applies for both physical and digital artwork. The above isn't really artwork. It's statistics and numbers regarding an important world wide event right now. One of those images are advertisements from PornHub.com. You sure you want me to add substance and have stuff shooting out of the screen?
  9. None. I do not make enough money from my screen shots to buy a Ferrari. None of my images create enough money to buy a Ferrari. For that matter my normal day job doesn't create enough money to buy me a ferarri either. Is that it, should I just give up on it all then cause I can't buy a Ferrari? Is that the measure of success?
  10. Really that's most any editorial image. You are making money not of what you created, but instead taking the product of someone else and using it to profit. Take a picture of the McDonalds cheeseburger and license it and nobody would question it. It's not my work though. I didn't create the cheeseburger, nor did I create the brand, the design of logo or any of that. All that value was brought to the image by someone else's hard work. Now going back through my emails I do see that I've been told there is a restriction on having photo's/art as the main subject or in isolation be it digital screen captures, But that screen captures otherwise are perfectly valid. All the above images either have no photo's on them, or if they do have photo's are not the main subject. Most of it is just text. And while I know some of you are stating it's pointless and just padding a portfolio as anyone can do it, it's profitable. just on 30 healthcare.gov images I've made over $1000 off of them. It might be pocket change to some of you, but for someone like me who does this on the side to make over 1000 off a simple 30 images is pretty welcome to see. Just because anyone can do it, doesn't mean everyone will. Here are two examples I've sold of the same image that have been used by the news. You know they have both the equipment, and people who can take an image of comparable quality. Load up healthcare.gov and boom quick easy image no need to pay someone else to do it. But yet I still sell them, and make decent money. Why? https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2018/10/20/under-democrats-medicare-for-all-idea-157m-people-would-lose-health-insurance/ https://www.gazettenet.com/Weinberger-columnreg-20821763
  11. I can easily see a valid editorial use for screen captures, much the same as photographs of name brands, logo's, products, and such. I've sold many in that regards with the healthcare.gov website. really whats the difference between these illustrative editorial images of physical goods vs taking an image of a screen showing a digital product?
  12. So I've been waiting 6 months for an answer via email from shutterstock with nothing. sent a new batch and all denied screen captures, all submitted as editorial. If you go to known image restrictions it flat out says that screen captures are acceptable with a valid editorial caption, but in practice shutterstock seems to deny any and all screen captures. Here are some of the examples
  13. Feel like the odd ball. My sales are picking up quite well right now. If this continues I'll finally have a month like hit constantly 2 years ago. interestingly these are my older images that are selling well.
  14. So right after I posted this I ended up getting a canned response saying that the rejection was correct and pointed me to content rejected as non licensable which doesn't address my issue. They didn't address any of the questions I had though and so I responded. It has been another 2 months without a response from them. In a nutshell it's multiple images I've taken of my computer and/or TV screen that I'm submitting as editorial. It's been anything from the Netflix loading screen, random twitter post of political canidates, pictures from the Whitehouse.gov website, healthcare.gov. It's really multiple images of things that exist only in the digital world, but if it was a physical product there would be question on allowing it as editorial What I brought up with both my initial question to them as well as is under known image restrictions on object and subject it shows that screen captures are valid for editorial So far I've been trying to get resolution since November. After multiple attempts to reach out and get further understanding so I can submit images within the guidelines and get better clarification I've had almost no communication back from them. Is this considered normal to go almost 6 months now without any kind of resolution and multiple unanswered emails?
  15. I've tried to resubmit and was denied. The issue is trying to understand the denial. It's multiple editorial images of my hand holding a phone with various content pulled up. It seems to be allowed per the rules I found but so far no answer on why they continually deny.
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