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  1. Hello everybody, we have had the problem during weeks. The ultimate thing that worked for us is uploading via web https://submit.shutterstock.com/upload/portfolio?language=en with small batches of 10 photos or vectors and a BIG tip: relax and WAIT for at least 1 minute for each file included in the batch BEFORE clicking the "Next" button. So if you also choose for a 10 contents batch just WAIT for at least 10 minutes. It will be a great work to enhance our patience. I hope this also may help you. A big hug from Uruguay.
  2. We have sent a DM asking any news about this serious issue with no reply yet.
  3. The same here. Please SS team if you can´t fix just remove it from the backend. TIA for your attention in this subject.
  4. Hello Michal, we are having the same problem since last Tuesday. Today we made some tests uploading via HTTP and it doesn´t work. TIA for your help.
  5. Congrats for your great job. Well done!
  6. The same problem for me. It would be great having this tool working fine again. Nowadays this application is not very reliable at all. Someone of SS tech team over there?
  7. Hi SS team, These following files are missing for almost a week now and are not available at my portfolio. I guess you are busy solving this problem, but do your best to make them to appear online. 98889071 98889077 98889086 98889089 98889116 98889119 98889122 98889125 98889128 98889131 98889134 98889137 98889140 98889143 98889146 98889149 98889152 98943983 99307988 99307991 99307997 99308003 99308006 99308009 99308015 99308024 99308027 99308030 It´s really a pity seeing all our job failing the sale moment for an IT problem. Thanks in advance for you
  8. Of course your not alone! 52 files waiting to be reviewed for 7 days. I have also sent an email to SS support team with the hope that they may go back to the previous review times to retain its strong competitiveness. Take note that Fotolia usually validates files in real time! Thank god i am not alone..lol thanks for reply red. your not alone review times seemed to change to 5+ days in Mid Jan 2012 and never really came back if anything they seemed to slow down even more. This weekend there was a ftp uploading problem that slowed things down even more. just silly. I l
  9. Hola a todos, somos de Uruguay y también hemos pasado por varias tribulaciones para traer dinero desde el exterior. La solución más económica y ágil a la que hemos llegado es Moneybookers. Necesitas una cuenta bancaria y ahí puedes retirar directamente a tu cuenta. Hoy en día usamos HSBC y en 48 horas llega el dinero. El costo es 2,4 USD por retiro por importes del entorno a los USD 2000. Evidentemente hay que sumarle el costo de la transferencia, que depende el Banco que uses. Espero les sirva el aporte. Saludos desde el otro lado del charco!
  10. ---------------- We are having the same problem. This is the first time it happens with SS using CUTE FTP 8.3 Professional Any suggestion is welcome Thanks! Automatic FTP proccesing was disabled and in the meantime it start to work fine. https://submit.shutterstock.com/admin.mhtml
  11. ---------------- We are having the same problem. This is the first time it happens with SS using CUTE FTP 8.3 Professional Any suggestion is welcome Thanks!
  12. Ooops, I can´t believe it! I have about 10 videos under review and I´m seriously thinking about continuing with this experience or just give up before "it´s to late to come back". Is it possible to know which other agencies accepted these videos? I´m trying at po-d5.com too and Fot-lia. Thanks for your reply
  13. I like your job: the feeling is like if you were there. Last month I bougth a Hero camera to make some tests not only with sports and also with changing the filming POV. I´m newbie at footage and nowadays I have only one approved file: http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-993538-stock-footage-sea-waves-full-hd-video.html Hope SS approves your submissions.
  14. We´ve been at BS since may 2009 and the earnings had been $ 240 until last July. The best selling months were september and october 2009 with $ 25.50 each. I hope we could reach our BSM during this month due to a $14 licensed photo. Bigstockphoto is our worst selling microstock from the six "big". Thanks for sharing your info about V**R! Greetings from Uruguay.
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