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  1. Unfortunately I don't see how that would help with all of the other places and partner sites that they use our images on. The problem is that I have removed these images from this website and their right to license or sell them, yet they are still doing it, and probably at more partner sites than just FAA. If they are still selling my images at FAA and not paying me for the licenses, then how many other places are these images still available where they are still selling them without compensating me...
  2. Still there, all these months later. SS, I want my images removed from your account at FAA immediately, I removed them from this site 8 months ago, which means you have no right to license them there or anywhere else any more. Also, since those images are no longer in my account here for me to get my commissions, where exactly have the commissions been going for sales of these images in the last 8 months??
  3. I have the same problem also. Back in September after I made my post in this thread, it seemed like the only option given to us was to remove the images from SS that I didn't want being sold on FAA (since they won't allow us to opt-out), as they directly compete with my own account there. I hated to have to remove images that sold well here just to solve the issue, but decided it was worth it to do so and had to bite the bullet on that. But then now I just noticed that all these months later these images are STILL available for sale on FAA under the SS account. Since I removed them from my account here back in September of last year, why are they still being sold there and since these images are no longer in my account here, exactly where have the commissions for these sales been going since then?
  4. I just ended up here trying to find out what the deal was after seeing some of my images for sale there under the SS account. I make thousands a month at FAA under my own account, and only hundreds here on SS, and I definitely won't be sacrificing my earnings at FAA to keep my portfolio available for licensing here. We need better answers to this and an option to opt out of this program, because for me anyway, this is unacceptable. Given the situation, I'd rather remove my whole portfolio from SS than have them competing with and undercutting my portfolio over there. Hopefully we'll get some clarification soon or I guess I'll start removing my images here...
  5. When I try to upload I get this message: "Your file is too big (the maximum size is 30 MB)."
  6. Am I the only one here shooting with a D800 that creates 30-40mb jpg files? It's getting to be quite a PITA to have to downsize and compress my files just to get them under the filesize limits here (and at other sites as well). How long before I'll be able to upload full quality JPG files from my D800s?
  7. My sales from the 23rd are also not showing up on my earnings summary page.
  8. It says right on the book that it was licensed through Shutterstock
  9. I was at Barnes and Noble tonight and found one of my images being used on the cover of a book for sale. I was under the impression that this would require an EL sale, but when I looked I see that I have never had an EL sale for this image. On the back of the book it says that the image was licensed from shutterstock, yet there are no EL sales for this image at SS. Would this usage require an EL license? If it does, what is my next step to get compensation for it? What kind of compensation am I entitled to? Thanks y'all!
  10. My latest images have all gone missing as well...
  11. Well I'll agree that it certainly would be best if they showed up immediately when they are approved, and then everyone had their shot at being at the top of search for a time...
  12. It can take up to 3 days for everything to update with the new images. If it hasn't been 3 days yet since your images were approved, nothing is wrong and you have to be more patient...
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