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  1. same here, approved videos still have not shown up in my portfolio
  2. same here, approved video still have not shown up in my portfolio
  3. That's great news! Thank you very much!
  4. Please, add Payoneer! Payoneer is the best choice.
  5. Yes, good idea. Also, you can use AdBlock to filter content and delete (block) all elements of dashboard you don't like. I left only three field (upload button, monthly earnings and map). Very simple, but effective solution.
  6. I completely agree, maybe new dashboard looks great, but old version is more useful
  7. Missing images Batch ID 130945330 130945360 Please fix, thanks
  8. Missing approved images Photo Id 538482769 538156354 538088905 538000933 537512041 537431683 Thanks.
  9. Same here. Approved images were visible in my port, but today "This image pending approval or does not exist". Thanks. Photo Id 532727725 532727653
  10. same here, Batch ID118639072 has been approved, showed up in portfolio for an hour or two, but now disappear completely , and cannot be seen in my gallery, please fix it, I also got the message "This image pending approval or doesn't exist"
  11. I agree. Revert back to previous previews or fix it...
  12. This is really bad idea, please fix it immediately, it is a disaster for us contributors, it is so easy to steal...
  13. Thank you for helping so many people. I wish you all the best.
  14. I had Canon 60d too, I recently bought the 6D, very similiar with 60D, but it has some limitations . Sync speed - it has only 1/180 sync speed, instead of higher shutter to overpower ambient light (like 1/250). Also, this camera does not focus with the quality I expected, it is ok but not great. I use triggers Yongnuo RF-603C3, the flash control is manual only, works very well with 6D.
  15. I love all kinds of music, too.. but today my choice is this: Whiplash (2014) SoundTracks
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