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  1. I have to agree, that subscription totally turned my RPD to lowest ever... We are paying this transition, that`s for sure... right now, RPD is about 1/3 what it was before... sadly, mathematics is simple and totals follow this trend... as soon any of buyers find those `benefits`, they move in that direction without returning back... SS needs 3x more buyers or them to buy 3x more through subscription(will never happen, because subscription are cheaper with higher needs for more files monthly, annually)...
  2. Indeed, awful month... subscription have massacred RPD...
  3. If something is not going to change, April2021 will be one of the worst months ever...
  4. ... and nightmare continues... totally out of a radar during April...
  5. ... again, something is very wrong... RPD is massacred and it`s just part of the problem... some indexing needed, asap!
  6. This month will be disaster if nothing changes in last few days... Download numbers are as usual, with tiny fluctuations - and that`s where problem is... RPD is 1/3 of what it was before `leveling`...
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