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  1. Unless I get big value sales real quick, this month will set me back to 4 years ago as far as $ goes! Sucks big time!
  2. lol! Exactly Baz!... I need a couple of ELs (the old ones, at 28$ not the new and improved 19$ ones!) to get this month out of the gutter... sold one Snowy owl shot today, the first one since uploading, I Wonder if I should celebrate?
  3. February started well for the first couple of days... but then turn to c**** again... very discouraging... but... got some cool shots of a female Snowy owl yesterday, that made my day...! Let's hope they get discovered (thank you algorythms favoring the new comers) and sell!
  4. The past two days have been horrible... onward and downward... I'm kicking the complainator BIG TIME!! (If it still exists! Making the company public killed the fairies, so who knows?!)... Tired of seing my numbers go down, and down, and down!!!! */&$(/"?&$?*!!***/"!!!!
  5. Find me a goat then!!!! A dozen goats!!! The fairies don't work no more!!!... no EL's, no large SOD's for a while now... $ is down... my first year actually where I might make less than the previous one... !
  6. Why make it easier for people to steal our pictures SS? Large preview, right click allowed and watermark removable in less than 2 minutes... I don't get it... and the "silence" about the issue is very much appreciated too...
  7. Yep... same here... HORRIBLE... Unless a couple of SODs or ELs save me, it will be my worst month this year (worst than January!!!)... I also will be making about 60% of Oct. last year!!!! What is up with that?... Fairies? Where are you? Fairies???
  8. Same for me Sari!... My earnings are half what they should be this month ! Unless the fairies get really busy visiting my port it will be a dreadful month! ... :-(
  9. Well... misery loves company I guess... this entire summer sucks... no sales, no sun... I want a refund! ;-) !
  10. Another slow month... sigh... a little help dear fairy por favor?! :-)
  11. My best wishes for the operations and a speedy recovery...lots of painting to do and pictures to take... Bonne chance...! :-) !
  12. YEAH!!!! 72$ That's gonna help out the month!
  13. Merci Beaucoup Mme la Fée! :-)
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