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  1. Im really just asking that the latest gradient functionality hold up when we save down to eps files. Right now it doesnt. If you scale a gradient within a shape it will save down as a bitmap. If you use transparency in one a gradient color it too will yield strange result. Its time we were allowed to save down to a CS6 eps file at minimum. The reality is that ink scape users don't matter. They are a small % of users and its time artists werent held back creatively because shutterstock is penny pinching An anemic revenue stream
  2. Its been over a decade now. And Vector illustrators still can't take advantage of blurrs , or live graphic styles? I cant transform a gradient within a shape without it turning into a bitmap image and getting a dreaded "square box" in my outline view? The artists on this site have done amazing work despite the workarounds and limited features shutterstock will allow them to use. For what? So someone on a 2001 dell can open a file with Illustrator 10? most software and OS have dragged everyone kicking and screaming into an endless cycle of updates. Chances are no OS can support these older software versions anyway. For instance I cant run Flash CS3 on Mojave. Its simply not possible. Lets move at least to a higher version of eps file. One that allows for new gradient scaling functions and other newer features. Shutterstock once moved from eps 8 to eps 10. Arent we due for an update? The submission requirements have gotten ever more strict over the years while the ability of artists to use illustrators features without rejection has remained. When will this change? It was really demoralizing to submit vector art this weekend only to find that shutterstock vector submission requirements remain the same old dinosaur they were from 2009.
  3. I've a vector artist when looking for keywords i look at images similar to my own and type their words into my keyword box...... BUT My life would be a HELLUVA lot easier if you just made it possible to copy and paste the keywords from other images and paste them into the keyword box...and have them be perfectly separated out. Right now the system is tedious and time consuming. I can't copy and paste them all because, A.. You can't group select any image's key words...and B.. even if you could they would just paste one big blob word.. you've have to type them or I presume paste them in all individually. Annoyed since 2009! Thanks!
  4. I love how SS Reviewers will only give contributors the robo response to their rejection and offer zero guidance. If they're going to pull that crud they should make the submission process easier. Glad I'm not the only one tired of reading the Shutterstock reviewers mind.
  5. Uh Helloo Shutterstock people I was thrilled that you'd be updating your submission process.. while I appreciate the effort it is as terrible as it was before. A. I always get rejected for keyword inaccuracies.. the keyword assistance will not let me type a single word..when I type "Boy" or "Kids" and hit enter it will tac on something like "Kids Vector" instead. Lets say I've already entered the word vector.. now I have two key words that both say vector.. an instant rejection by your people. ..that's the key word assistant at it's best - at worst it types in something totally irrelevant AGAINST what I am TRYING TO TYPE. When I type the search list opens up and when I hit enter it grabs a keyword suggestion and enters that in my keywords instead of what I typed. This is an absolutely infuriating and unacceptable bug. The reason I'm getting rejections is because your keyword assistant is a hindrance - NOT A HELP. I want 2 things - 1. I want to be able to disable the keyword assistant it because it is absolutely no help at all and screws me up 90% of the time, entering duplicate words i don't need. and 2. I want to be able to copy and paste my previous keywords from my rejection into my new submission. 2 is actually the biggest issue. And It's gone unaddressed for years. Why is this so hard to grasp for you guys??
  6. Ok they finally approved. I just didnt repeat word phrases like "cartoon animals" cartoon birds" with the generator. Their stock answers for rejections have always been worthless
  7. My submission was rejected twice for my key words not relating to my image. But that is not possible. All my keywords were applicable to my image! And shutterstock wont tell you what words to remove? What the hell is going on with shutterstock lately? Is This company getting stupid like istock?
  8. Oook maybe I'm an idiot too because I have no clue how to attach "metadata" to my jpg preview. Shutterstock spoon feeds it's buyers and throws tall hurdles in front of it's contributors, is that how this works? My image just got rejected again for "irrelevant keywords." I mean I think I wrote "Christmas" because it's a snow scene with a cabin and pine trees in the woods...So Sorry Santa isn't slap dab in the middle of everything but Shutterstock is has become anal since I've last submitted.
  9. Dear Shutterstock Management, Why would you reject my vector image because I locked the layers??? First of all anyone using illustrator would have to be a complete and total moron not to be able to lock and unlock layers in illustrator. I think you vastly underestimate the intelligence of the people using the program. As for Contributors you are just annoying the hell out of us with rejections over so trivial a thing. Surely it takes less time for a reviewer to simply unlock illustrator layers and approve and otherwise acceptable eps file then to reject the file, only to have to review it again. And on the contributors end my keywords are wiped out after you reject my file! I have to try to remember what the hell I typed because my rejection notice doesn't contain the tag words I used, unless I am missing something. If Shutterstock insists on rejecting files over something so stupid then at least create a function that backs up contributors key words so I don't have to retype them. And if there is one please direct me to it. Thanks! -Phil
  10. Hey Thanks Everybody! working from home today ..snow day! I'm actually working on new material for SS. I havent uploaded anything in a long time. I sent my idea on selling layered PSDsto shutterstock. I thought of starting my own site that sells psds but I'm not sure how to go about it.
  11. I have rasters up of my illustrations and my jpgs have sold on Shutterstock. If my lousy flattened jpgs are selling there's no doubt in my mind that a layered psd would sell. It's not really a question of if anyone's asked for it, they're already asking for it by virtue of their continued purchases of flattened hi res jpgs. For photographers who sell layered psds of say an image of a man jumping, how much better would it be for customers if the man was already separated out from the background. How much better would it be if the customers didn't have to cut the man out and then have a giant hole in the background? For digital painters You can paint your elements on separate layers and then anyone who downloads them can freely move them around without cutting up a flattened jpg and leaving holes all over the place. It would give designers more flexibility with their design elements. Not to mention the fact that you can actually include smart object in a psd. You can include some vector art layers within the psd. There is a huge market for this. I've never seen anything more painfully obvious. ...and the first mircrostock site with the brains to jump on it and figure it out is going to profit big.
  12. I know this has been covered but shouldn't shutterstock also an option to sell layered psds under a certain size restriction? I like vector art and all but I think people would certainly buy, say digital paintings where elements are on separate layers. Am I alone on this?
  13. anyone else struggling with failed uploads? "Bad Gateway pages? I swear shutterstock never used to be this bad. It worked with Safari at first but now even Safari is choking. What's going on?
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