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  1. Gets frustrating. I alone have made SS over a quarter million dollars on their share of sales (their 70%) yet rejections in last couple months are crazy. A couple weeks ago it was great and accurate, 99% approval. Before that 20-30% rejections for a couple months before and now this week back to 20-40% rejections on footage. Almost all are for noise, pixilization problems. All shot with Canon 1DX MK II and some from Canon 5D MK IV. Yet crap from cell phones and old GoPro are accepted by the thousands probably every day. So some hired help in Pakistan or India that reviews footage is a better judge of pixilization and noise than one of the first SS footage contributors shooting and contributing since 2005 with some of the absolute cleanest shooting cameras available. A real crappy new data entry page that has slowed down process by at least 300%. No full original file names viewable on edit screen or on all rejections. Now keywords like "swimming" is automatically deleted as not valid. If a simple wording fix is needed the footage is deleted and requires a full hour long upload when a 10 second edit would comply with editorial byline or whatever was needed. Please think about us as your suppliers of goods, make it easy for us to supply and figure out what you want. Years of good reviews and acceptance and since you started to contract it out it seems that they feel they need to have a large rejection rate to justify their work. Yes, anyone can go back and with pixel peeping can justify any rejection and could also go back and reject 90% of all approved footage on SS, millions of them. I've made tens of thousands of dollars on clips that were rejected here on one other site that accepted them. I'm loyal to SS but need a little loyalty back. I'm not a newby at this. Isn't there a point somewhere that we as submitters can be trusted? Do we have to make SS individually a half million dollars each before we have proven ourselves?
  2. File name, the complete file name is needed. How do we manage our own hard drive and data base if we can't figure out what file to move the "SENT To SS". Copy and paste keywords and descriptions to similar clips. Please SS data entry was one of the easiest and fastest. Now it's all but impossible to even be able to do it. Submitters don't care if it's pretty, in fact ugly is great if it's easy, fast. We had easy and fast, now it's gone. Most difficult of all agencies now.
  3. Ok I gave the new data entry page a try. This is not something that anyone will get used to, we as submitter always dislike change but wow. Once the fastest simplest data entry. Now we can't see the full file name, no video thumb to help, one category (ok that's fine and ok), can't copy & paste for similars. Biggest is NO FILE NAME that can be read fully. When we have our data on our hard drives and can easily copy and paste into the once easy SS data blocks now can't figure out what the actual file is. The single photo frame grab does not work on what the file name is. Please go back to the column display and entry instead of the column and row. Show the full file name. Give the copy paste ability back. As submitters we don't care how ugly it is, we want easy, fast and uncluttered. This is painful and unusable unless we upload one file at a time so we know what it is. This really is not something we can get used to working with as it is now.
  4. SS data entry for footage was one of the quickest and easiest of all agencies. Now it's all but impossible since we cannot see the file or footage name other than a the very start of the name. It makes it impossibly slow for us to find the matching file to add data from our data base to SS. It also makes it impossibly slow trying to figure out which files were successfully uploaded to SS. PLEASE show all uploaded file names in a easy to read list so we can manage our own hard drives on what has been sent to SS. Sad to see such a step backwards. Doesn't look like any submitter feel it made things easier and faster for us. Submitter want fast and easy, we don't care if it's pretty. FAST and Easy, easy to track, log and index back to our own data bases and hard drives. Please revert back to old until we can see the full file name. Please
  5. Terrible. Now we can't see the title or file name of footage so we can find the file in our data base to add description and keywords. It looks pretty but is a real drag on our ability to rapidly and easily add data to the appropriate file. PLEASE give us the full file names in list form of ftp uploads that were successfully received. So sad ;(
  6. Why are we starting to get so many $1.80 royalties on quality HD footage sales. Today's is very desirable and sellable clip of a baby on heart monitor equipment in ICU hospital. A clips when discounted was well worth $100 and up easily. This is discouraging and see NO reason to discount to this level. It hurts everyone. With quality clips this kind of mass discount makes little sense. Of course I'm not the CEO but I am a savvy and very successful businessman outside of the video industry. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1985917
  7. So funny ... a couple weeks ago I had a large number of footage clips rejected ... reason Please use English in description and keywords. Heck I don't know a single word in any language other than English. Guess the Indian curators need to learn just a little more English so they know what it is I can understand why the confusion on payout. HD Footage sells for all kinds of prices other than $79. Everyday I get sales and they are all different payout by a few dollars. ¿Lo entiendes? ¿Lo entiendes?
  8. So sad, guess I'll spend some time uploading to other agencies for a while while the video curators settle down. When re-uploading the rejection reason is different each time. Needs editorial byline ... they did. Pixelization ... none. Description needs to be in English ... that's the only language I know. Incredible and truly unbelievable. Guess after over ten years uploading footage to SS I forgot how to do it, over 15,000 clips isn't enough practice. ;(~
  9. For heck sake SS get your act together SS and do as what has been promised for years. If a simple edit of words or releases is all that is needed then send the clips back to the edit don't delete them. A simple 1 minute fix would have fixed the issues now it will take over 12 hours. I'm sure Pond5, VideoBlocks, Motion Elements, Adobe and others will sell them since they don't have a problem with my work. And where is the original file names that was promised last NAB APril 2016 by the now terminated Video management? Such easy fixes to show the Artists that we are a team and not problems.
  10. This is getting to be B.S. Just got 8 rejections from similar clips that had been approved previously. I've been doing this with SS since 2007 and have over 25,000 clips selling and 15,000 here at SS. Quote: "Title -- Title is either not relevant to the clip, not in English, contains trademarked terms, or co" Heck I only know English unlike some of the curators that do not know English. What kind of nonsense is happening the last few months at SS. Every other agency throughout the world has no problems with these or others rejected by SS. I'm not a beginner ... I shoot stock full time as a professional with the best cameras and equipment. I easily spend over $15,000 a year to keep my equipment upgraded. I like many live in a rural area where internet speeds are slow. This just cost me 12 hours of bandwidth. SS train your curators where even they are now. Great to have such fast curation but there is no consistency and BS reasons. Yes I'm pissed. I started with SS when they only had a few thousand clips and I really know what I'm doing. Yes a RANT but a real problem is starting with curation and I hear this from many Professional stock shooters.
  11. Desperate sellers ask for lower prices. Not needed. The only thing I would like to see is elimination of WEB size and pricing. Or at least raise the WEB to almost same as SD or HD. WEB size footage is very valuable, as much as 720 HD. Commercial use of Web sized for smartphone, tablet and computer use is really all that is needed. 4K, HD and SD is more than enough choices. My feeling, eliminate WEB size completely. 4K or larger ratio is valuable because it gives the end user the ability to crop for use in an HD project. Price is right. I agree few 4K are sold but the value is there.
  12. Sure would be nice to again see all the thumbs for the daily sales on ONE PAGE. Too Too much wasted space that therefore requires multiple pages. Not an improvement and takes more time to see our data. Sorry, missed this one.
  13. Yup, three other agencies accepting all of them and they have sold. Oh well I guess SS will get less and less. Still massive rejections like never in ten years for me. Even one of the same series that have been rejected by SS have sold here at SS within a week. Oh my. They lose 70%. Being happy .. don't worry
  14. Getting worse. After having over 15,000 clips approved here I now can't get only about half approved. Amazing. Been here uploading footage since 2006 and now the curators think I don't know what I'm doing.
  15. Anyone else getting VERY inconsistent curation of footage approval? Been here since 2006 submitting footage and now getting very fast curation but rejections that are without bearing. Seems like editorial no longer being accepted. Even with model release attached the rejections say rejected needs model release. Editorial with appropriate byline rejected as needing property releases when there are probably millions of similar type locations accepted. Extremely slow ftp upload speeds plus mass rejections too bad that other agencies are selling the same clips that are being rejected. Great to have fast curation now but really? I see senior footage leadership and people at SS have quit and moved on. Some had been there for many years. Is this a new management direction or a lack of curation training? Frustrating and VERY expensive uploading through my slow ISP and time shooting, travel, equipment and data entry to get such inconsistant rejections like I haven't seen in the last ten years.
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