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  1. Hey! Happy Birthday, Laurin! Since it sounds like you'll be around for the next jillion years-----and with all the miles you're walking and biking per week, you might tally enough to have circled the globe!! . Super cool! Also......have you considered that SS doesn't want you to "retire" from the forums and shut down the comment counting machine on purpose??!! Lol---a corporate backhanded compliment to you-----their way of begging on bended knee for you to stay around ;-) Have a fun weekend! And I'm so pleased you're doing so well!
  2. You started with SS in November 2015, less than six months ago, and already have taken and uploaded 7,300 videos?? You work fast. Or you shot them before joining here. But still.....that's awfully fast..... Not to mention 95 pending approval. Unbelievably fast, you are. As in, I don't believe it.
  3. Lol-- I swear I saw an Anything Goes thread a while ago today--a short trip down memory lane. Must have been part of the change process. I'm liking the new changes. I find it more fun to sort through one thread to find topics that catch my interest. Like a treasure hunt. Next should come a user-friendly Critique Forum. As it is, I don't bother with it. I give a thumbs up for today's changes! Thank you SS ;-)
  4. Apparently the jury is still out on whether it was Churchill, Oscar Wilde, or George Bernard Shaw. All from your side of the pond ;-)
  5. I'll have to google for which one......lol, I was probably daydreaming during that history lesson--- though I do know the quote I don't think all that many Americans know that coriander comes from the cilantro plant.
  6. Lol to your staff playing the -1 game. I know coriander as the seed and cilantro as the greens of the same plant. My one beer shoot finished with green glitter floating in it. I wasn't that desperate to finish it off. Plus Ms. Frugal here bought the cheapest bottle I could find ;-)........I much prefer good craft beer!
  7. What a wonderful compliment the distillery reposted the pic!! It's nice to have your talent and efforts confirmed in such a way. Lol to your neighbor finishing off the prop ;-). Better than having another dusty prop hanging around forever! And a Happy New Year to you too!
  8. I've never seen the EL explanation in that location until now. But then, I don't pay much attention to those details. Lovely shot, Simon. But UGH to whiskey......that stuff will burn a hole through your gut! Lol
  9. I miss being able to leave them the occasional thank you note! So I appreciate the opportunity here to give a Thank You shoutout to the reviewers and all SS staff! Without everything you do to review and market my humble photos worldwide, I'd be relying on good ol' Mom and her friends to buy them ;-) Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!
  10. Sorry, Andy, I was adding my thoughts for shooting while you were responding.
  11. Hi Andy. The links for Photo 1 and Photo 2 don't work for me. Thus I can't view the photos in question. I can, though, see you gallery, and you've got some lovely shots there. From experience in this business---and not seeing your "problem" photos---- I suggest not beating a dead horse. Put the photos aside for a few months and move on to others. Then revisit them at that later date, and maybe you'll see them with a fresh discernment and "eye." Spending too much time on one photo is not how you win in this stock photo business. Edit to add: I tried the links again, and they
  12. I never think of my card failing. I have yet to have one fail on me, ever -- (hubby's is our only failure). And so I carry a lot of confidence when shooting and don't give it a second thought. That I don't shoot models and mostly do studio work means I can easily reshoot. I might say some ugly words first that I don't usually utter outloud----but, nonetheless, I can reshoot ;-). My "models" don't care. Lol
  13. Hubby's card is a Lexar that's probably 5 or 6 years old. If it came with software, we've lost track of it. I'll check their website.
  14. Ahhhh, Jeff! Thank you, danke, gracias!! I'll work on retrieving them this weekend. Am crossing my fingers that one of these programs will work!! On vacations or short get-aways, I often don't carry my big camera and he will do the memory-shooting with his point and shoot. Some of what is on the card are backed up on my computer, which is backed up by Carbonite. But he either forgot or got lazy over the last couple of years and didn't back up. Losing them wouldn't be heart wrenching, being that they aren't of, say, the first pics of our newborn, thank the good Lord! But I would
  15. Best wishes, Laurin! I'll have you and your surgeons in me prayers ;-). It won't be long, and this operation and recovery will be nothing but a memory. You know how time flies. Just curious: Did you ever sing while playing the drums? I saw Kenny Logins in a small venue, corporate concert. He was fantastic!
  16. So maybe a reshoot is a blessing in disguise, as her down mood might have shown in the pics, unless they worked for mood shoots. It's nice you have a good working relationship with her, making a reshoot easy. Hubby has a card that lost the pics, and I need to see if the software Jeff suggested above will work. It would nice to retrieve those vacation shots he got ;-). For the memories.
  17. Yep, my 810 can shoot with two cards, so am certain Simon's does too ;-). Though it may slow the buffering a tad? Bummer, Simon! Your model is a gem!
  18. Ah, bummer. My sales from the "missing batch" must have trickled in late. Thank you for the FYI.
  19. Same here, but I'm still getting sales from the missing batch. So maybe our entire ports are visible to buyers.
  20. Sometime within the last hour, most of my port disappeared. I have 1,006 accepted photos, but only 197 are showing. Yet within the last hour, I've had sales from the missing 809, unless there is a delay and they actually sold before my photos disappeared. Anyone else have this happen today?
  21. Sticky Notes!! But never the boring light yellow ones. Have to have bright, pretty colors ;-) And Alan and Watson---not two men: One is canine ;-)
  22. PLEASE make the watermark larger and thicker as shown in Laurin's link here to what DP does!! This is like nightmare where you suddenly find yourself naked and fully exposed in a crowd of people----only here we can't make it go away by waking up!! We are helpless here......please fix it.
  23. When you celebrate $28 like you had just won a mega-million lottery!
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