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  1. Hi gubh83, You can leave number 11 unchecked. If you would like a confirmation, please email taxhelp@shutterstock.com. jm
  2. We appreciate the feedback, and will look into this.
  3. Hi annabelle496, We do archive our subscriber-side newsletters, as Dave pointed out. We currently don't have an archive for submitter-side newsletters, but if you let me know which one(s) you're interested in, I can post them here or PM you - let me know. -jm
  4. jack666, As mentioned earlier, Shutterstock and BigStockPhoto will remain separate entities. jm
  5. Sorry to hear that. We are working to build up our footage products, so this is something I will pass along. Also, if you're experiencing slow response time when you contact support, you can also PM me - I'll see what I can do. -jm
  6. Do you contact support when you experience these troubles? submit@shutterstock.com -jm
  7. Hi silverwebs, BigStockPhoto and Shutterstock will be remaining separate. Should anything change down the road we will certainly let you know! -jm
  8. If you do nothing, the 30% withholding will apply from US-based downloads. I am from a treaty country but live in a non treaty country (cambodia) what will happen it i do nothing. Also a question I am sure a lot of people are asking. WHY should A NON AMERICAN living outside America have to pay American tax?
  9. Wait for now, but I'll look into it. Question: Is this all happening from the same computer? It's ok. From my profile: IMAGE STATS Images in gallery: 20 But when I open the gallery there are only 8 images. It's been 16 hours since my pictures were approved. Should I just wait or is there some problem? Normally I would just wait, but that appearing and disappearing seems strange.
  10. Pardon my misunderstanding - are you still having this problem? It's not the review time. Tonight I got 12 photos approved. In the morning they were in my port but didn't show up in the search. Then they disappeared from my port, then appeared again and now they disappeared once more. I can open those pictures via direct link only.
  11. mackin43

    My picture!

    If you think your content has been stolen, contact us at submit@shutterstock.com. Do not call out other submitters in the forums. I am locking this thread and moving to Q/A.
  12. Hi heartbeatx, They will remain separate entities, so if you aren't already with BigStockPhoto, you're welcome to join. -jm
  13. Hi kenliu, For now, continue to upload to both agencies, as Shutterstock and BigStockPhoto will remain separate entities. -jm
  14. slobodand is correct - they will still operate as separate entities. -jm
  15. Many submitters use their own model releases, and in most cases this is fine. I would recommend comparing whatever you like to use with our own - http://submit.shutterstock.com/legal.mhtml - and if all the information is provided on both, it's probably fine. -jm
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