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  1. Maybe it does appear only when needed. It is not something that you should want, guys, they only make adjustments by taking your money, not giving
  2. Looking in my Adjustments tab, it appears this is the fourth time for me, two was 0, one for .10, and now this. Edit: Actually it appears I had two video sales, one was fraudulent or something, the other was fine. About the one being fraudulent, I wonder how SS actually solve the problem reversing the transaction (taking money back from the author), while the one who downloaded the video will obviously keep it.
  3. I sold a video for 19.75 but they made an adjustment and took the money back. Although they still show under Unpaid Earnings.
  4. Sorry to hear that, but it has nothing to do with the original post... My account was disabled accidentally, then re-enabled in a couple of hours. Your friend's portfolio was disabled for a reason (copyright infringement), this may be or may be not true, you friend knows better if he did such a thing or not.
  5. Is the new structure in place? I just had a 0.38 download.
  6. Indeed! This must be the reason for so much rejections lately Just kidding. I didn't have any rejection lately (because I'm not uploading anything)
  7. Those analysing our submissions (the reviewers) are not in New York, many of them not even in US. And they are reviewing from home all the time, not only now. Thank you anyway
  8. Indeed. My girlfriend had her portfolio deactivated in January, without explanations. It was reactivated after she wrote to support. After a week or so, they deactivated mine, again without any explanation. Again wrote to support, they reactivated it, this time with apologies. We have our own workstations each, but of course we are sharing the same IP, we are living in the same house. There were no words from them about sharing the IP though, so it was only my assumption that it might be a problem. In normal times I wouldn't be worry at all, my girlfriend's portfolio is much smaller and is clearly different from mine. But these are not normal times... A word from SS about sharing IPs would be extremely useful.
  9. Strange, I can see 7 pages of your videos but only 1 of your images.
  10. Hopefully somebody will answer for that and hopefully this was the last time when something like this happened.
  11. Indeed! To have some works rejected is perfectly normal. To see some files removed after they were accepted is less pleasant, but still normal. But not THAT! This is totally unacceptable! If it is in your power to stop such behavior, please do it! Before becoming pandemic.
  12. Finally, good news! I see now 74 pages of your image port and 1 of video. Fortunately they didn't really delete the files, hopefully you will get your positions back!
  13. I'm not question anything, it is not my job to do that. I just stated that your port seems to contain some (slightly) similar too. Of course you have your reasons and justifications, and so does IM_Visuals and all of us. At the first appreciation, looking at both ports, sorry but yours seems to have more similars than his port - not only the cat. This is one of the reasons you should stick with the guy, not accusing him, but the main reason remains that the action they took against him is unjust. And yes, photography and 3d works are essentially different - it is much harder to avoid similarities in 3d.
  14. No more than yours - same jar, same cat, same tree branch, same beans. So you can be the next terminated, anytime.
  15. Thank you! Try "Contact Us" below the forum page, then one of the links on the left side, under "Account". I can't remember which one it was, either "Account Changes" or "Account Warnings". Then I wrote about my problem in the comment section in the right. You probably already did that, now you have to wait... As stated above, New York is just waking up.
  16. Hang in there, mate. I know what are you going through, in January I found my account closed without any warning or email providing a reason. I was also devastated, because I'm doing microstock for a living and my main income is still coming from Shutterstock. Fortunately they admitted it was a mistake and my portfolio was back online entirely on the day after. Hopefully they will do the same for you soon. Shutterstock, how can you play with people life like that?! And what do you expect?! We are selling our illustrations/vectors for a few cents and our motion backgrounds for a few dollars, now you want us to have in our portfolios only unique works of art?! Of course there will be some slightly similar in the vector/3d works! You really should calibrate better your software employed to do this, and when it comes to the human that have to validate the decision, train them to take this most seriously! Not to just press that button because they can! Destroying people life just like that, because he/she is too lazy to take a deeper look! Press the warning button instead, why else do you have the warning system?! If the similar issue is that heavy, send a mass warning like "delete your similar works or we will do it, along with your entire portfolio". After that you could take any action against those not complying. The "Contributor Care Team" should care about contributors, not "terminate" them! Terminate your reviewers who didn't do their jobs, not contributors!
  17. I don't know if Bridge was closed down, but the illustrations I'm uploading to SS still goes automatically to BS. At least they use to, several months ago.
  18. They are fine, don't worry. It is us who suffer.
  19. I do animations and I'm also getting rejections for noise/grain which is stupid.
  20. Guys (SS), is, by any chance, one of your 2020 goals to ruin some of us completely?! I am 90% down of my 2019 February, the last months were very bad as well, including the former best sellers October and November! It is not because of "competition" or some other reasons, it is you again! You were supposed to do your best in representing my works, not... this!
  21. Of course But not related to Shutterstock.
  22. So did I. Then I googled "nirvanastock" - nothing related to Shutterstock came up.
  23. I understand and it was just a thought from me too, I don't even know if this was the reason or not. And we don't even use the same computer, we both have our own workstations, but we share the same router which has its own address, that's why I presumed all of that. Of course it can be other reason.
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